5 Ways to Use Live Streaming to Promote Your Business

Updated 15 Dec, 2023 | Marketing

In 2022, 66% of Australians (adults) reported watched something on an online subscription service. In 2021 the number was only 62%. In 2023, 68% of Aussies use at least one streaming service. These statistics highlight the growing popularity of live-streaming services as an alternative to traditional TV. On top of that, live streaming is a great way to engage with your audience and showcase your business and its products or services.

While traditional forms of marketing might be effective, live streaming provides a more interactive way to engage with potential customers and can help your business stand out from the competition. Here are five creative ways to use live streaming to promote your business.

Broadcast live events

Woman watching a livestream and receiving a gift.

One great way to promote your business is by broadcasting live events. Through live streaming, you create content that will attract more viewers who will become potential leads. Plus, if you record and publish the videos afterwards, they can continue to draw people in long after the event or interview.

An interview is one example of an event you can broadcast live. By advertising your live interviews in advance and hosting a significant figure in the industry, you can ensure you have an audience eagerly waiting to view the broadcast.

Incorporating audience questions into your live interview through comment sections is an effective way to make your broadcasts even more engaging. This interactive experience will increase brand engagement and leave viewers with a positive impression of your business.

You can also host contests or giveaways via live event streaming. This will make people more likely to tune in since there’s always the chance they could win something nice just by being present during the stream! Plus, it’s an excellent way to generate buzz around your brand without spending too much money on marketing campaigns.

Host training seminars or courses

An instructor is delivering a live training seminar or course via a livestream or webcast.

“Live streaming is a potent digital marketing strategy for businesses to engage with their customers and spread the word about what they offer. It’s an efficient way to reach a large audience quickly while providing an interactive experience that helps foster relationships,” says professional live event streaming service provider Shaun Stephens at Loghic Connect.

Live streaming serves is an ideal method for disseminating valuable advice and tutorials related to your business or sector, effectively educating potential clients on subjects they may be keen to explore.

For example, you could offer tutorial videos. People love watching tutorials because they provide helpful information that’s often difficult (or time-consuming) to find elsewhere. If you provide valuable advice during these streams, you’re likely to attract loyal followers interested in what you offer down the line.

Plus, since these streams are recorded and published online afterwards, they can be a reference resource whenever someone needs help on a particular topic related to your niche.

You can also show how your product is created. Make your viewers part of your creative journey by inviting them into the development process. This would be especially effective with processed products, as team members can talk customers through what they do step by step.

Launch new products/services

Man showing a rocket launching on a live stream.

Live streams are especially effective when launching new products or services because they allow you to quickly share details about what makes them unique and demonstrate how they work. This helps create an instant buzz around your new offerings, which helps drive traffic and sales more quickly than traditional methods like email campaigns or press releases.

Through live streaming, you can optimise a platform to show off your product or service in action so that viewers can get an up-close look at your offer. You can also use it to answer questions about your products/services and address people’s concerns.

This will help build trust with your audience and allow them to make informed decisions when considering whether or not they should purchase from you.

Running promotional campaigns via live stream can also help you generate more leads and increase sales. It gives viewers something extra in exchange for engaging with your brand, like discounts or exclusive offers only available during the live broadcast!

Engage with your viewers

Viewer asking questions and receiving answers in a live Q&A session with a brand via live stream.

By interacting directly with them in real time, you can create a personal connection that will help build loyalty and trust in your brand over time. It also allows you to get feedback from viewers on what they like/dislike about your products/services, which can be invaluable when developing future offerings for them.

One good way to get consumers to love interacting with your brand is by hosting Q&A sessions on live streams. This helps build relationships with potential customers as they can ask questions directly and receive your answers in real time.

You can also use these sessions to answer questions about your products or services, allowing people to make informed decisions before purchasing.

In addition, you can use influencer marketing as an effective tool for gaining exposure and building credibility for your brand among potential customers. Still, it can be challenging and expensive to connect with influencers in person or through traditional emails or phone calls.

However, by leveraging live streaming, you can invite influencers onto your broadcast — giving them direct access to your target audience — while saving time and money!

Share behind-the-scenes content

A clapperboard that turns into a video camera and start recording. The camera is recording a desk to make behind-the-scenes footage.

Consumers want to know more about the people behind a brand and what goes into creating their products or services. Live streaming offers the perfect platform for sharing behind-the-scenes content such as tours or even just day-to-day activities related to running a business.

People are more inclined to buy from businesses they trust, so use this tool to show a day in the life of your business. Share with your online audience as you open a store for the morning or hop on a plane for a meeting. Let them in to see how you plan, brainstorm, and create strategies.

Involve them in the journey, and you’ll find that as your viewership increases, your sales will, too, because customers become more comfortable with who they are buying from.

Moreover, live streaming a tour of the studio, shop, or office allows viewers to feel like insiders, sparks curiosity, and provides valuable insights into everyday operations. Send out an invite for people to join in the tour and get a look at the creative process, watch staff members in action, or even simulate meeting customers face-to-face from different corners of the world.

Taking followers on this journey makes them feel seen and appreciated, creating loyalty and trust in your brand!

Engage real-time

A man engaging in real-time with several other people via live streaming

Live streaming is a powerful tool for businesses seeking creative ways to promote their products or services online. If used correctly, live streaming can give your business an edge over competitors while helping build customer relationships. So, if you’re keen to leverage the benefits of this valuable tool and make the most of the current popularity of the live-streaming trend among consumers, be sure to include it as part of a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

If you need help building a robust strategy, get in touch with Kelly for easy-to-follow guidance grounded in over a decade of marketing experience.

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