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Win More Sales Grow Your Business

Attract your ideal customers and convert them into loyal buyers that keep coming back for more

Do you need more traffic, customers, or sales?

Our marketing agency will help you:

  • Represents increasing search rankings

    Improve your search visibility

    So you get more of the right search traffic

  • Represents engaging with your ideal customers

    Engage your ideal customers

    So they know who you are

  • Represents solving the problems faced by your ideal customers

    Prove you solve problems

    So they know your deliver value

  • Prove you’re an expert in your field

    So they trust you

  • Represents converting your target audience into paying customers

    Convert more shoppers and leads into buyers

    So they actually hand over money

  • Represents turning first-time customers into loyal customers that keep coming back time and again (so they have a higher lifetime value)

    Keep your customers coming back for more

    So you invest less on attracting new customers

  • Get your customers singing your praises

    So they advertise your business for free

We deliver strategic marketing assets for your entire sales funnel so you win more sales and your business grows steadily and sustainably.

What our clients are saying

It was a pleasure working with Kelly and I can not recommend her services more highly. She really takes the time to get to know you and your industry so you can be better positioned within it. One of the things I really appreciated about her work, was how mindful she was in creating a website that was more accessible for people with vision impairments. I know small things like this will help my business and my website reach more people, and it’s a great reminder to be digitally inclusive, too! Kelly is also very patient and great with the tutorials she delivers. Everything is just so much easier with Kelly’s help. I will be recommending her to everyone I know.

Anita Wong, Founder of and Instructor at Sava Therapies

Anita Wong

Sava Therapies

Our services

Meet some of our wonderful clients

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Why the K. M. Wade marketing agency is the right choice

Target, graphs, rocket, strategy — all symbolising how K. M. Wade produces unique deliverables for every client

We treat every project as unique

So you get advice and resources that suit your specific challenges and goals and will therefore deliver a better return on investment than the cookie cutter approaches used by some agencies

Building blocks with people doing different types of tasks

Our team has expertise across a broad range of industries

So we can think like your ideal audience as well as bring fresh and varied perspectives to your project to produce more effective resources for your business

PhD-level skills

Our leader has PhD-level research, communication, strategy and project management skills

So no matter how complex your project or subject matter is, we can rapidly understand it and explain it in language your audience understands

Some of our success stories

Within a year, two of the blog posts we created for a client were each attracting more visitors than the business’s homepage and between them were generating 61.6% of the business’s total website traffic.

A recent email series we produced for a client achieved open rates of nearly 3 times the industry average, and click rates of  more than 3 times the industry average. And we achieved this with no unsubscribes.

Within two months, our project manager took a technology business from over 100 queued up emergency job tickets to 0 and had them solving each new emergency ticket within 24 hours.

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