K. M. Wade Guest Post Guidelines

Share your expertise with our audience and increase awareness of your brand

From time to time, K. M. Wade publishes articles from guest experts. If you would like to submit a guest article for publication on kmwade.com, please review our guidelines below. You may then either suggest a topic or submit an article via the guest post submission form.

Note: K. M. Wade reserves the right to make the final decision about whether to publish a piece of content on our site once we’ve seen your draft. We also reserve the right to edit your content, if required.

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In order to be considered for publication on kmwade.com, your content must meet these guidelines:

General rules

  • Unique article with no plagiarism
  • Minimum 1000 words
  • English only
  • Very well written (impecable spelling and grammar) — this is the most important thing
  • No hyperlinks before the first level 2 heading

K. M. Wade audience

  • Small and medium businesses
  • Generally located in Australia, New Zealand, England, the US, Canada
  • People who care about improving the lives of their customers and clients

Biography guidelines

  • Please provide a short 1-3 sentence bio about the author, which will be published at the end of the article
  • Provide a URL for a publicly accessible photo of the author (not a Dropbox or Google Drive link — but a LinkedIn/Twitter etc. photo link is fine)
  • This bio can include a link to the author’s website, social platform or something else they’d like to promote

Topic guidelines

  • Go into detail on a narrow topic (no overview articles, please)
  • The topic must be something relevant to our audience — something they’re interested in or find challenging
  • The article must aim to solve a problem for the audience, which means it might:
    • Answer a specific question they’re asking by providing detailed, step-by-step instructions
    • Keep them informed about industry developments
    • Provide inspiration, motivation, or entertainment

Style rules

  • SEO-friendly but written for the reader first
  • Text must be broken into sections with appropriate headings
  • Conversational tone (use first and second person and contractions wherever possible)
  • At least one link to something on kmwade.com unless this is a completely new topic for us (link to a web page or blog post)
  • At least one link to something on the author’s website (if relevant)
  • At least one link to another website
  • All statistics and facts must be referenced with either:
    • A URL hyperlinked with relevant anchor text; or
    • An appropriate in-text reference to a physical reference (like a book)
  • The article should be written from the perspective of the author and should not actively promote K. M. Wade or the author’s business (it shouldn’t be a sales pitch or ad)

Guest post submission form

Guess post submission form