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KMWade digital marketing packages and content marketing packages
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You need quality marketing to bring your products and services to the people and organisations that need them. But we understand you don’t have the massive marketing budget of a major international company. So, we came up with a way to enable you to achieve your marketing goals with a modest budget — our digital marketing packages and content marketing bundles.

Digital marketing benefits

The Nasdaq1 estimates that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce by 2040. So, some form of digital marketing is vital for your business’s survival. But digital marketing won’t just help you survive.

A very satisfied person shows off a graph that's trending upwards along with five star reviews, likes and loves. All this symbolises how he's improving his search and social rankings.

Other digital marketing benefits include:

  • Increased brand awareness (more people hear about your business and what you do)
  • Increased reach (you can more easily and cheaply get your messages in front of more people)
  • The potential for global reach (if you’re not limited to selling locally, going digital makes it much easier to sell internationally)
  • The ability to personalise your marketing (consumers increasingly want personalised messages, but apart from that, the more relevant your messages are to your audience, the more likely they will be to buy)
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Content marketing benefits

Just as you wouldn’t marry someone after one date, most people won’t buy anything from a brand the first time they come across it. So, how do you go from that first point of contact to the point of sale? You publish informative, valuable content that incrementally wins that lead over to your side until they’re confident enough that it’s worth taking a chance on you. And then you ensure they get the most out of their purchase so they keep coming back to you. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing benefits include:

  • Increased trust (people see you can solve their problems and receive the information they need to realise you’re an expert in your field and that you’re worth placing their trust in)
  • Loyalty (customers keep coming back to buy from you every time they have a problem you can solve)
  • Advocacy (customers leave positive reviews and recommend you to their acquaintances)

All of this means more sales, a better return on your marketing investment, and better quality customers and clients.

Digital marketing vs. content marketing

So, what then is the difference between digital marketing and content marketing? And which one should you use?

Digital marketing is any form of marketing conducted via a digital channel. That’s everything from your website to social media, to email, to digital billboard ads and more.

Envelopes, webpages, social media posts, email sending symbols, reviews, and other images illustrate many elements that come together to produce marketing campaigns that span the entire sales funnel.

Content marketing is marketing focused on sharing information without explicitly asking for a sale. It supports sales by keeping your business front of mind, demonstrating your authority, proving you can solve your audience’s problems, and ensuring they have the best experience when using your products and services. Content marketing can be a form of digital marketing, though it doesn’t have to be digital. E.g. the instruction and recipe book included in the box when you buy a sandwich maker is a form of content marketing.

Unless you’re selling 50c lollipops that people will be willing to try on a whim, you’ll get the best results if you use digital marketing and content marketing together. Depending on the type of business you’re running, you may also use print and other forms of traditional advertising as well.


Marketing pricing can vary dramatically depending on the experience and skill of the specialist and where they live (because living costs vary by location). For example, you can buy a dodgy blog post from a content mill for about $10. You might not get any benefit from it (and it might even harm your reputation) but the option is there. At the other end of the scale, you could spend USD13 million on a single 98s ad like Guinness did with their tipping point dominos ad.

Without going to those extremes, here’s an idea of the kind of pricing you’re looking at if you book individual specialists. (Keep scrolling if you want discounted pricing.)

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Digital marketing pricing

For a copywriter, you’re looking at an average day rate of $950 (USD), $998 (AUD) or £340. PR consultants charge around $1500 (AUD) per day.

Editors and proofreaders typically charge around $1000 (AUD) for a day’s work.

For a photojournalist or videojournalist, you’re looking at around $1250/day (AUD). Photographers are around $1000/day (AUD). A full-page, full-colour illustration will set you back nearly $2000 (AUD).

If you book in for less than a day’s worth of work, the hourly rate is higher (e.g. a senior Australian copywriter will charge around $130-240/hour). Also, these rates apply to traditional advertising as well.

Content marketing pricing

Pricing for visuals and editing are the same regardless of whether you’re doing content marketing or something closer to advertising. Copywriting, however, is very different to content writing, so the prices for text in this case are generally lower.

As an example, a 1000-word blog post will generally set you back somewhere between $350-850 (AUD) depending on the experience of the writer and how technical the topic is.

If you’re looking for written content that doesn’t require any SEO (e.g. a print recipe book), prices may be even lower.


Those prices are all well and good if you’re generating millions of dollars of revenue. But they put content marketing out of reach for many small businesses and startups spending the recommended/average marketing expenditure of 5-10% of revenue.

But if you opt for super cheap creators, you’re simply not going to experience the benefits of any kind of marketing. You may even push your ideal customers into the arms of your competitors.

The solution is marketing packages that couple the expertise of experienced and high-performing marketing strategists, SEO experts and public relations specialists, with the high-volume outputs of low cost content creation services. The result is effective marketing assets that achieve your goals without you having to spend an arm and a leg for them.

Instead of you paying top dollar to hire several creatives on a per-project or hourly-rate basis, we take advantage of bulk daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual rates, so you can access the best rates without needing to buy a high volume of marketing assets. On a similar vein, the traditional model would force you to choose between paying:

Top dollar for a senior specialist who can deliver a great ROI on critical projects but whose skills will be wasted on simple projects


Reduced rates for a junior creative who can deliver neat informational content but who won’t be able to deliver the quality you need on critical and complex projects

Instead, we employ the full range of skill levels, so you can buy (for example):

​High-converting product descriptions and landing pages written by a senior copywriter and designed by a senior UX-designer


Engaging blog posts and helpful usage guides written by a junior content writer and made visually appealing by a junior graphic designer

Upon tailoring a package to suit your goals and needs, we’ll work with you to create marketing collateral that encourages:

  • High search rankings
  • Engagement with customers and prospects at every stage of the sales funnel
  • Prospect to customer conversion
  • Brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Sharing on social media

In short, our packages will give you everything you need to attract your ideal customers and convert them into loyal buyers who keep coming back for more. And they’ll do that while giving you the right quality for the lowest price.

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