Polarys — sales deck

KMWade sales deck sample polarys

Sales deck — copy and design

This is an example of a complete sales deck. K. M. Wade crafted the copy and developed the design based on the brand’s style guide.

Why it’s special

  • Clean design — Helps prospects absorb the information
  • Powerful story structure — Gets prospects emotionally involved before they even know what the offer is so they’re much more likely to convert
  • Strong brand narrative — Clearly communicates the value the brand brings to its clients
  • Complementary, on-brand images — Complement and supplement the written information to reinforce the key messages of the presentation

Things to know

  • Content type: This is a sales deck that’s designed to support a presentation, not one that’s meant to be read in isolation
  • Audience type: B2B
  • Industry: Cybersecurity