Explore Ocean Wonders and Marine Conservation — Article

Authored by Dr Kelly Wade, Explore Ocean Wonders and Marine Conservation on Earth Day 2024 is a sponsored announcement article published on Cosmos Magazine’s website that celebrates Earth Day by diving into the importance of marine conservation and the incredible wonders of the ocean. This piece, sponsored by WeTransfer, not only educates readers on pressing environmental issues but also inspires action towards preserving our marine ecosystems.

This piece was part of a broader project aimed at raising awareness about marine conservation efforts among a broad audience and to celebrate Earth Day 2024 with compelling content that both informs and motivates. This project also aimed to increase awareness of WeTransfer’s B Corp status, generate new users, and help existing users make more out of their WeTransfer account.

Why it’s special

  • Engaging visuals: The article is paired with stunning underwater photography, capturing the beauty and diversity of marine life, making it visually captivating for the target audiences
  • Informative and inspirational: It links to factual information about marine conservation with inspiring stories of individuals and organisations making a difference
  • Call to action: The article effectively encourages readers to participate in Earth Day activities and support conservation initiatives with downloads of the accompanying resource pack exceeding the brand’s goal by 22.14%

Things to know

  • Content type: Sponsored article
  • Audience type: B2C
  • Industry: Environmental Science, Marine Conservation, Technology

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