Warm-prospecting email template

Industries: Education

Email Sample

Below is an example of a warm-prospecting email template. This is the third email in a 3-part email series. All details that could be used to identify the client have been removed for privacy reasons.

Before commissioning this template, the client spent months cold-emailing prospects without any success. But the client secured her first paying customer after sending just 15 emails using this template.

Why it’s special

  • A stand-out subject line — Increased the email open rates
  • Personalisation — Encouraged the client to  connect with the prospect in a meaningful way which substantially improved conversions
  • Structuring the emails in a 3-part series — Enabled the client to provide more value to her target prospects which also drastically improved the overall conversion rate

Things to know

  • Content type: Warm-prospecting email template
  • Audience type: B2B
  • Industry: Education

“I was lost before I found Kelly. I’d contacted thousands of prospects and hadn’t secured even a single customer. But after only sending 15 emails with this new 3-part email template, I finally got my first customer. Kelly saved my franchise and I can’t recommend her enough”



Email subject line: Who wants well-behaved students?


Hi [insert your prospect’s name]

As I mentioned yesterday, many school administrators struggle to provide cost-effective teaching support for their staff. So, they apply for government grants to run bespoke programs during school hours.

There are 2 reasons using government grants for this purpose is a bad idea:

  1. Your teachers already struggle to fit everything they need to teach into the average school day. By running programs during school hours, administrators may provide teaching support but this is negated by the loss of valuable teaching time.
  2. By using government grants for these kinds of programs, administrators are preventing their schools from being able to use government grants for other activities that could benefit their students.

Government grants are already hard to win, it’s such a shame when they’re wasted on programs that burn valuable teaching time.

That’s why you’ll love my child development service which offers personalised, educational OOSH programs. Our programs provide quality teaching support at no cost to schools.

[Business] offers the most comprehensive OOSH programs available in Australia! They:

  • teach students how to manage their emotions and understand the emotions of others so they behave appropriately in class
  • teach children how to learn more efficiently so your staff’s teaching efforts are more effective
  • instil children with a love of learning and teach them techniques they can use to settle their nervous systems so they can start each class calm, relaxed and ready to learn
  • teach children key skills that will set them up for lifelong success so your teachers can focus on teaching the academic skills required by the government’s curriculum

If you were to invest in personalised during-school-hours programs for your students, you could expect to pay hundreds of dollars per child per term. [Business] programs are a real bargain at no cost to your school — all you need to do is enable me to run my programs in your classrooms when they’re not in use — just like you would for any other OOSH program.

If you want to promote personalised learning in your school, book in for a [Business] presentation now and learn how you can provide this fantastic resource for your teachers and students. I’m confident you’ll find [Business] programs a perfect match for your needs.

All the best

PS. I’m including a FREE bonus if you act today. Book in for a [Business] presentation now and learn how you can provide this fantastic resource for your teachers and students — and every family that books their child in for a program at your school will receive a 10% discount on one term’s tuition.