Master of Data Analytics focus piece — article

Authored by Dr Kelly Wade,  Decoding the Future — The Unstoppable Rise of Data Science is a sponsored article, published in Cosmos Magazine’s digital and print publications, which highlights the many opportunities that await graduates with a masters-level degree in data science. This article was part of the Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT’s) Skills for Tomorrow campaign which was designed to increase its HDR enrolments. The goal of this part of the project was to get prospective students excited about the directions their life could take if they gain a data science qualification and position QUT as a premier place to undertake further study that will equip graduates with in-demand, job-ready skills. The article explores several research projects arising from QUT’s Centre for Data Science, showcasing the real-world impacts being made by current and recent QUT data science students. This piece communicates the potential of QUT’s Master of Data Analytics to redefine careers and contribute meaningfully to society, and it far exceeded the brand’s goals for the project.

Why it’s special

  • Engaging and inspirational text: Through compelling storytelling, the article inspires readers to envision the transformative potential of a Master of Data Analytics.
  • Dual audience targeting: Because this was a sponsored article, it not only had to appeal to the publication’s audience (in this case, Cosmos’s audience), it also had to appeal to the sponsoring brand’s target audience (QUT’s audience). The fast rate at which the project’s goals were realised (see below) is a testament to how well this article was tailored to both audiences.
  • High-impact results: Within weeks of publication, the time on page for the article was triple that of any other sponsored article published by the highly experience project lead. The number of clicks through to the QUT website also far exceeded the project goals, ensuring QUT benefited from an exceptional ROI for this project.

Things to know

  • Content type: Sponsored article
  • Audience type: E2C
  • Industry: Education, Science, Research and development

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