Andy Hill’s Impact on Medicinal Science — Article

Authored by Dr Kelly Wade, Maximising Impact: Professor Andy Hill’s Journey is an insightful sponsored article published on Cosmos Magazine that delves into the significant contributions of Professor Andy Hill to the field of medicinal science. The article, written for Victoria University (VU), highlights Hill’s journey from academic researcher to a leader in applied research, showcasing the real-world impact of his work in medicinal science. This project aimed to create awareness among Cosmos’s audience of where VU is heading under Andy Hill’s leadership, thereby attracting enrolments.

Why it’s special

  • Inspiring narrative: The article provides an engaging story of Andy Hill’s professional journey, making it both relatable and motivating for readers who may be considering higher education or who know someone who is considering further education
  • Promotional without reading like an ad: This article clearly illustrates VU’s values, promoting the institution to those who are interested in further study without feeling like a ad
  • High impact: This sponsored article attracted the number of website click-throughs VU was aiming for within just a few weeks of publication

Things to know

  • Content type: Article
  • Audience type: E2C
  • Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Education

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