Amazing HDR research projects — article

Authored by Dr Kelly Wade, There has never been a more exciting time to pursue a research degree is a sponsored article published on the website of Cosmos Magazine that highlights the vibrancy and impact of pursuing a research degree. This article was part of UNSW’s campaign to increase its HDR enrolments. The goal of the project was to excite prospective students about the dynamic research opportunities available and position UNSW as a premier place to undertake post-graduate research. The article covers several diverse research projects relating to topics ranging from quantum computing to environmental challenges. This piece communicates the potential of UNSW’s HDR programs to redefine careers and contribute meaningfully to society and far exceeded the brand’s goals for the project.

Why it’s special

  • Engaging and inspirational text: Through compelling storytelling, the article inspires readers to envision the transformative potential of HDR projects.
  • Cross-disciplinary appeal: Showcasing a range of projects, the article appeals to diverse academic interests, from AI to public health. This ensured the article appealed to the largest possible portion of the Cosmos audience.
  • High-impact results: Within weeks of publication, the article amassed 115,000 views, ranking as the third most popular article on the Cosmo site. And according to the Cosmos project manager, it also achieved “the best click rate I’ve ever seen”, ensuring UNSW benefited from an exceptional ROI for this project.

Things to know

  • Content type: Sponsored article
  • Audience type: E2C
  • Industry: Education, Science, Research and development

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