9+ Months Baby Bottle Bundle — product description

This is an example of a basic product description. It was optimised for search engines within the constraints of the existing description format.

Why it’s special

  • Engaging copy — The previous copy was factually correct but dry and uninspiring. The new copy written by K. M. Wade remains factually correct and also energises readers making them excited to buy.
  • Benefits focussed — The old copy listed the features of the product. The new K. M. Wade copy describes the benefits of each feature showing shoppers how much better off they’ll be with the product.
  • Unique insights — Through in-depth research into the target market, our marketing specialist was able to identify previously unknown pain points for the niche target market of this product. This enabled her to craft highly targeted copy with emotive language that speaks directly to shoppers and boosts conversions.

Things to know

  • Content type: Basic product description
  • Audience type: B2C
  • Industry: Baby care, parenting, family

“Thanks for these new product descriptions, they are so much more engaging!”

Julia Wilson