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The SERPs: A screenshot of a typical first SERP

What are the SERPs?

SERP stands for ‘search engine results page’. The SERPs are the pages of search results that search engines display when someone does an internet search.

What is content marketing?: A colourful picture laid out a little like a web page includes the article title (What is content marketing?) and three icons ( a typewriter an image and the message sending icon)

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an inbound marketing approach that relies on creating, distributing and promoting engaging content to a well-defined target audience.

How to choose a freelance writer: an image of a barefoot man sitting in a chair in the middle of a dirt road with paper falling all around him and the article title overlaid (How to choose a freelance writer)

How to choose a freelance writer

Learn how to choose a freelance writer so you can hire the best help for your business. Understand what to look for and learn to ask the right questions.