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Book cover for Death’s Mistress by Terry Goodkind

Another disappointing instalment from one of my writing heros

Death’s Mistress by Terry Goodkind

3 out of 5 stars

Let me start by saying I love Terry Goodkind’s writing – well some of it anyway. I love his Sword of Truth series to bits and have read many of the books more than 10 times each. In fact, those books have been a key inspiration for my first fantasy novel (in progress). I believe I have read every book he’s written, including Nest (a thriller) and The Law of Nines (set in ‘our world’), indeed I own all but Death’s Mistress which I borrowed from the library, but unfortunately I’ve been really disappointed with his last few novels and Death’s Mistress is sadly no different. I’m even glad I didn’t take the leap and buy it (though I do actually feel guilty for not supporting one of my favourite authors in that way).

Book cover for A. L. Tait's 'The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the End of the World'

An Engaging Read with Sophisticated Language for Ages 9 and Up

The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the End of the World by A. L. Tait

4 out of 5 stars

A contest, unknown lands and a reluctant traveller make ‘Race to the End of the World’ an engaging adventure story for children aged 9 and over. And while I thought the premise was a little weak, I loved that A. L. Tait has used sophisticated language that will challenge young readers.