“Wow, she is sooooo impressive, she really knows her stuff. Being able to rely on the preciseness of the knowledge is VIP = trust for us and for our Minbie parents.” – Julia Wilson, Minbie Co-founder

I have written content and copy for a wide variety of individuals and organisations from Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries to small businesses and not-for-profits. Below is a small sample of content I have written or edited. As you can see, my reputation for producing well-researched material that enhances a brand’s repu/tation is well-deserved.


Articles can be an integral part of any content strategy. They can be a key product offering or a specific marketing tool, such as a lead magnet. I pride myself on producing thoroughly researched, well-written articles to suit pretty much any business use. Below are two recent examples of articles I’ve produced for clients as well as a journal article I wrote while completing my PhD. (Clicking on the pictures will display links to the full articles.)

Blog posts

Long-form blog post are more likely to be shared on social media so I specialise in producing engaging and informative long-form blog posts (though I regularly write 300-400 word blog posts as well). Below are recent examples of long-form and short-form blog posts I’ve written. (Clicking on the pictures will display links to the full blog posts.)

Product descriptions

Engaging product descriptions can boost sales. My product descriptions are optimised with power words and are designed to provide all the information a prospect needs in order to decide to purchase the product. Three examples are below. Click on the images to see more detail or see the full description on my client’s website. (Clicking on the pictures will display links to the full product descriptions.)

Marketing and press products

The right copy can make or break your marketing and press products. If you want your press and marketing material to stand out, capture attention and drive sales, you need an experienced writer to craft your written content. Below are examples of press releases I have prepared for a variety of individuals and organisations, such as Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and not-for-profits. (Clicking on the pictures will display links to the full media releases where possible.)


Professional copy requires a professional edit but it’s also important your editor can provide feedback and suggestions that retain the unique voice of your piece. Here is an example of an article that was published in a law journal, which I edited. It is republished her with the permission of the ACT Law Society.

Dangerous dogs article published by the ACT Law Society

Social media posts

If you want to share your news, engage with prospects and customers and/or drive more traffic to your website, social media can be an effective tool provided you have engaging posts. This small gallery showcases examples of the kinds of posts I can produce for your business.

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