The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook


Your blog can be an effective marketing tool once you know how to produce SEO-friendly blog posts for every part of your sales funnel. Winner of a 5 star Reader’s Favorite review, this step-by-step guide and the included blog post templates will teach you how to write awesome blog posts that attract your target market and convert prospects and leads into loyal customers that keep coming back for more. Once you’ve mastered the seven types of blog posts laid out in this guide, you’ll have one of the vital parts of the content marketing puzzle which leads to marketing success and can enable you to grow your business sustainably.

If you want to boost your blog traffic, sales, revenue and customer loyalty, this guide and blog post templates are for you. Buy yours now and start earning money from your blog today.

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A blog post writing guide and blog post templates to help you achieve content marketing success

❓Do you wish you had a set of blog post templates that would do all the heavy lifting when it comes to writing effective blog posts?
❓Do you want to win more sales?
❓Do you want more blog traffic?
❓Are you concerned about how much paid ads are impacting on your profits?
❓Does the thought of spending countless hours creating mediocre blog posts for little benefit make you want to throw in the towel and give up on your blog entirely?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook is your must-read guide.
With this guide in your arsenal, you’ll have the building blocks of a blog that attracts lots of people who can benefit from your products or services — people who are your ideal customers or clients — and turns those blog visitors into loyal customers who buy from you time and time again.

Grow your business

With the help of this guide and blog post templates, soon your blog will:

Attract buyers — so you can market to them
Nurture leads — so your ideal customers or clients are ready to buy and trust you to help them solve their problems
Inspire repeat purchases — so your customers and clients keep opening their wallets for you for many years to come
Make you money — for less effort and cost than traditional paid ads

Get more blog traffic and win more sales

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Choose a blog post topic that’s popular and will resonate with your intended audience
  • Choose keywords that will help you rank well in the SERPs (search engine results pages)
  • Select a blog post style that will suit your goals for the blog post and the stage of the sales funnel/buyer journey that you’re targeting
  • Structure your blog post so it gives your reader a good experience, ranks well in the SERPs and drives conversions (and ultimately sales)
  • Create SEO particulars that will help you optimise your search rankings and click-through rates
  • Create distribution and promotion assets that will enable you to share your blog posts with more of your target audience (which will give you the opportunity to sell to more people)

Included in this guide:

  • An overview of how to drive sales using blog posts — so you understand exactly how to use your blog in conjunction with your copy and other marketing assets to sell more products and/or services
  • Overviews of each of the seven types of blog posts that you can use throughout your sales funnel — so you understand which blog post styles to use for specific purposes and circumstances
  • Step-by-step guides to writing each of the seven high-performance blog post styles — so you know exactly how to construct an awesome blog post that your readers will love
  • Real-world examples that illustrate how effective each blog post style is and give you inspiration for when it comes time to write your own — so you know what a good blog post in each style looks like and you can get a good sense of whether you’re on the right track when you start creating your own posts
  • A set of blog post templates to guide you when you’re writing your blog posts — so you don’t miss a thing and don’t have to try to remember each of the steps and elements you need to include

At 35,841 words and 191 pages, this is your ultimate guide to writing blog posts that actually drive traffic and boost revenue.

Absolutely. You were in the front of my mind when I wrote this guide and developed the blog post templates.

If you’re attempting to make good money from your blog through affiliate marketing or by displaying paid ads, this guide will show you how to craft blog posts that provide real value to your target audience. Since that’s the cornerstone of effective affiliate and Adsense marketing, yes you’ll get a lot out of this guide.

This guide is also available in the Kindle proprietary ebook format. Click here to buy this guide in your favourite format, from your favourite book platform. We’re in the process of creating a paperback version so please email if you’d like to be notified when the paperback version is available for order.

If you want blog post templates to make your life easier, more blog post traffic and more loyal customers, then this guide will help you.

Yes. You can tell your writer to use these templates and you can use this guide to help you write better briefs for your writer.

You might also recommend your writer buys a copy of this guide so you’re both on the same page.

This guide and blog post templates will give you vital building blocks from which to create effective and high performing blog posts. It’ll even help you promote and distribute your blog posts effectively.

You still have to write well and actually do the work though. And the best blog in the world won’t help if your products or services don’t actually help your target audience.

So I cannot guarantee your blog will make you millions. But I can give you your money back if you don’t learn anything from the guide.

  • 35,841 words
  • 191 pages
  • ePub — other formats are available here

5 out of 5 stars — Reviewed By Richard Mac for Readers’ Favorite

“The Content Marketer's Blog Post Playbook by K. M. Wade first takes the reader through the basics of understanding the value of blogging or, better yet, creating content to help the sales cycle, the different ways blogs can be used from attracting leads to using it for affiliate marketing, and finally different types of posts from list-based posts to newsjacking. It is all done in clear and well-explained terms, giving more specific instructions regarding how and why to use various methods of content curating and recycling. The overall structure of the book is excellent, and it will serve both new and mature bloggers alike.

“I tried blogging about 5 years ago, and while interesting, it has a chore to produce content regularly, and often with no reward and even spam comments in some of my articles. I do have e-marketing and a fair knowledge of blogging… or so I thought. What caught my eye in this book is the different ways in which you can easily generate or re-use content. So there is a focus here not so much on writing new content but on how to use existing content. This in itself made The Content Marketer's Blog Post Playbook by K. M. Wade very worthwhile for me, given my past experiences. I was very pleased with this book and it has encouraged me to try blogging again, especially using some of the easier options such as newsjacking. If I find the blog takes off with traffic, I can then mature it further with some of the more dedicated methods covered in the book. My thanks to the author for putting such a well-articulated book together.”


K. M. Wade