Gift Voucher for a Personalised ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ Book for Newborns


Want to buy a copy of ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ as a gift but don’t know what the new baby’s name will be? Don’t wait until the baby is born, buy this downloadable gift voucher so that the parents can grab a copy of ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ once they’ve named their little bundle of joy.

If you’re looking for the ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ book you can find it at

This gift voucher covers the cost of 1 personalised ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ book and shipping – you can choose whether to include standard shipping or tracked shipping. The gift voucher can be emailed to the recipient but you will also receive an electronic voucher (in PDF format) that you can download and print so that you can present the recipient with a physical voucher.

What others are saying about ‘Where’s My Teddy?’

“A very happy reader! My 3-month old grandson loves the great graphics and solid feel of your high contrast picture book. The text is a great identity builder, too. Your book is an adorable read! Besides having the repetition that helps little ones identify words and concepts, the getting-ready-for-bed story is a great early prep for healthy night-time habits later on.“ – Dr. D  L Diehl
3-month-old loves the personalised black and white picture book for newborns ‘Where’s My Teddy?’
“Your book will prove that G-ma is on board with science-based child rearing. I am so proud of my kids, who are determined to be well-informed parents. “Where’s My Teddy” will be the perfect gift for them AND my new grandson! Plus, it’s ADORABLE!” – Diana

“I bought a ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ for my friend just before her baby was born. She had her baby last Tuesday and when I gave her the book she was delighted with it!” – Emily (VIC)


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“Once upon a time there was a beautiful, bouncing baby and the baby’s family wanted only the best for their little one.

So every day they read stories to the baby. And every day they showed black and white pictures to the baby.

One day, a friend bought the baby ‘Where’s My Teddy?’, which was a story full of black and white pictures. The baby loved the story and so the family read it to the baby every day.

Because of that, the baby’s vision grew strong and the baby’s brain grew clever.

Because of that, the baby’s attention span and ability to concentrate increased and the baby’s self–confidence and creativity blossomed.

Until one day, the baby had a great love of learning and was well-prepared to start school and everyone agreed that ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ had been the perfect present.”

Congratulate a friend, family member or coworker on the impending birth of their baby with the perfect gift – a personalised book specifically designed to be read to newborns to help them grow into clever, confident and creative children. And, with this voucher, you don’t need to know the baby’s name in advance. The recipient can use the voucher to order their book once they’ve settled on a name so it makes the best baby shower gift.

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