A Guide to Edible Plant Families


Make growing easier and reduce your gardening costs and maintenance time by learning about edible plant families. This is a valuable reference manual for anyone who grows edible plants.

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Knowing which plant family an edible plant belongs to can help you:

  • ward off garden pests and disease
  • grow healthier, more productive plants
  • save money on fertilisers and pesticides
  • practice crop rotation and companion planting
  • save seeds so you can save money and acclimatise your edibles to your unique environment

This book describes what plant families are and how you can use them to improve your garden. It also includes a dictionary-style list of plant families and the most commonly grown edible plants that belong to each family. Two taxonomic trees also show how plant families are related.

  • Over 5,500 words enlightening words
  • Taxonomic trees are included in the book and higher resolution .pdf versions are provided as a separate download
  • ePub format (DRM-free so you can load it onto all of your devices)