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Complex blog post

This is an example of one of the longer SEO-friendly blog post services we offer. This blog post attracts 67% of the parent website’s non-paid search traffic each month — outperforming the brand’s homepage.

Why it’s special

  • High-performing post — Which attracts more organic (non-paid) web traffic than the parent website’s homepage; in fact it accounts for well over half of the brand’s web traffic

Things to know

  • Content type: evergreen blog post
  • Word count: 2100 words
  • Audience type: B2C
  • Industry: Family, parenting, baby products
The baby bottle sterilisation blog post attracts 67% of the parent domain’s non-paid search traffic, making it the top performing blog post on the website, and a much better performer than the homepage
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Wow, she is sooooo impressive, she really knows her stuff. Being able to rely on the preciseness of the knowledge is VIP = trust for us and for our mums (target market).

Julia Wilson,