Email newsletter case study

Torquhil Anderson, Director at Minbie

Awesome work Kelly. Thanks for your dedication and patience working through this. Super excited to get it out there to all new and expectant parents to hopefully better guide them through this process.

Torquhil Anderson,


This is a case study for an email newsletter series K. M. Wade created to provide inforation to new mums.

Why it’s special

  • Stand-out subject lines and enticing email previews — Increased email open rates from less than 10% (well below the industry average) to 3X the industry average
  • Highly targeted copy — Increased the click rate from less than 0.5% to 3.5X the industry average
  • Highly valuable content and copy — Gave the client an unsubscribe rate of 0% — none of the recipients unsubscribedafter receiving any email in this series

Things to know

  • Content type: Series of informational email newsletters for first-time customers
  • Audience type: B2C
  • Industry: Family, parenting, baby

Example subject lines

  • Are you safely feeding your baby? – 👶🏽 only 20% immunity
  • The phrase parents fear – Don’t sabotage your breastfeeding success
  • The most important email you’ll read today – How [Company] helps with reflux and colic