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Customer acquisition strategy overview for small businesses

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The reasons we have for starting a small business are almost as varied as the businesses themselves. For some of us, the business grew out of an incredible passion. For others, starting a business may have been a solution to the problem of having been laid off. But regardless of the reasons for starting our businesses, we all have to deal with many of the same challenges — like customer acquisition and retention.

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges that many business owners and strategists focus on, for obvious reasons — e.g. it’s much easier, cheaper and more efficient to get existing customers to keep spending money with you than it is to win new customers. But you can’t focus on customer retention if you don’t have any customers to retain. And that’s where this basic guide comes in.

The team over at Salesforce have put together a great infographic with some tips for where to get started with a customer acquisition strategy. If you’re looking to secure new customers that you can later convert into loyal, repeat customers, this infographic has got some good ideas to help kick start your strategic planning.

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The Ins and Outs of Customer Acquisition for Small Businesses

Via Salesforce

Next steps

Once you’ve created a customer acquisition strategy, your next step is to create an implementation plan and a content strategy (or to update your existing content strategy if relevant). I highly recommend developing a complete integrated content strategy so you can create the best plan possible. To get you started, I’ve created a basic guide to integrated content strategies, which is a great resource to study if you’ve never created a content strategy before and it can act as a good checklist if you’re ready to update an existing strategy.


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