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8 Ways to Improve Your SEO with Explainer Videos

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Video is a great tool for engaging your audience and appealing to audience segments that prefer visual and audible methods of information dissemination. Explainer videos are often animated videos and they’re usually used to explain products and services. However, they can also be used to explain concepts and techniques. One unintended benefit of this useful tool is that it can improve your SEO. Andre, from Breadnbeyond, describes how in this guest post.

Explainer videos could be an excellent marketing tool to help you clearly and effectively deliver your messages to your target audience. And they might also improve your SEO so you can achieve better rankings on Google and other search engines.

SEO is one of the secret tactics when it comes to acquiring online recognition. Without an SEO strategy, a brand will face many hurdles to entering the market, especially in today’s internet landscape. Although another option like SEM (search engine marketing) is a good practice, many prefer organic search as it brings strong outcomes in the long run and doesn’t come with an individual price tag for every person it brings.

Organic traffic often leads to higher conversions as the visitors are ideal prospects who are pre-qualified from the very beginning. In contrast, with paid advertising, brands spend money to show promotional messages to the targeted audience, but there’s no way to pre-qualify the audience before they’re shown the messages, and they didn’t ask to see those messages. SEO is free, and users who genuinely look for information will initiate the search voluntarily.

In this case, inserting compelling content like explainer videos can help users identify your brand instantly. These videos will drive more engagement to the content you produce when they perform Google searches.

Eight Ways Explainer Videos Improve SEO Ranking

1. Capture Attention Fast

Explainer videos aren’t just any kind of video you find on the internet. These marketing videos solely aim to generate an audience full of people who can be easily turned into valuable prospects. They’re designed to be entertaining and hook more viewers.

Unlike other types of content promotion, videos are attractive in nature. The moving-pictures help people get information within a short time. Compared to plain, black-and-white textual messages, videos convey the words concisely.

2. Increase Search Results

Placing explainer videos on your site improves the chance of getting a better SEO ranking. It also increases the traffic to your site since Google features videos in its search results. (When users type specific keywords, relevant videos will show up on the first page.)

The relevant videos appear as embedded links from YouTube. So, if you have explainer videos ready on your side, it’s best to upload them on that platform to increase visibility. Google will feature YouTube videos when relevant searches are performed.

3. Bring More Traffic

Attracting traffic is challenging when you’re targeting highly competitive SEO keywords. Eye-catching explainer videos shared on social media can be a great way of attracting more traffic when you’re struggling to rank well for competitive search terms.

4. Longer Visit Duration

Once you’re successfully attracting visitors to your page, another task is to encourage them to stay there longer. This is especially important if you’re generating income from Google Adx. Producing informative, engaging content is one of the best methods increasing your average visitor’s time spent on each page. However, typical bulky articles often won’t catch their interest, resulting in a short visit duration and sometimes also a high bounce rate (which happens when a lot of people leave your page without staying very long or interacting with it in any way).

Videos can help you sort this out quickly. They capture attention, reducing bounce rates, and they can inspire visitors to want to learn more about a topic.

Explainer videos can offer a great introduction to your brand or a topic that you want to write about.

5. Retain Messages Better

The use of audio and imagery in explainer videos helps viewers retain information longer about 95% than textual content. We humans remember things much better if we’re presented with visual information as it goes directly into long-term memory where it’s indelibly etched. When you publish a blog post or social media post with an explainer video and accompanying text, you’re presenting information visually, audibly and as text and so are stimulating sight and hearing.

Moreover, narrated animation can help the audience understand messages better as it keeps them engaged throughout the video. It increases the total watch time and lessens mind wandering. As a result, viewers pay attention wholly and eventually get the message you want to convey.

6. Improve Engagement Rates

Video content gets 1200% higher social shares compared to images and texts combined. Users love the easiness of sending videos to their closest ones in a single click. Not to mention, videos compile all the information in a unique and more exciting way than their written content counterparts. People can receive messages without spending much time interpreting images or reading articles.

When a strategic call-to-action is included at the end of a video, or in the materials accompanying an explainer video, the video can increase conversion rates. In fact, one study shows that 64% of users decide to purchase something after watching a video about it.

Explainer videos can be an excellent tool for increasing engagement and conversion rates. These marketing videos can urge your audience to pay attention to what you’re promoting without being pushy. They can engage with viewers effortlessly.

7. Develop Social Signals

Social signal is a measure of social network’s activities such as likes, votes, shares, pins, and other engagements that search engines perceive. It contributes to the organic search ranking by showcasing the popularity of each content.

Videos are instrumental in acquiring an audience quickly, and their ability to engage with viewers can help your site maintain the online presence. Incorporating explainer videos can be a powerful way to build social signals as the video content is incredibly shareable across multiple channels. Moreover, Google acknowledges social signals as a part of valuing your page. The stronger the signals are the higher chance of getting a better SEO rank.

8. Boost Visibility with Closed Caption

When you add embedded subtitles, you let Google analyse your video content better. Closed caption prevents your explainer videos from sinking in the sea of content.

Google crawls videos from its embedded caption. The transcripts let the search engine index content faster. However, it should be noted that only closed captions will get indexed. Open caption won’t bring you much benefit to SEO.

A case study proves that captioned video ranked 4th on YouTube for the query, suggesting that YouTube indexes embedded subtitles and factors them into search rank. This affects the result page when users perform a search on Google. The giant search engine places YouTube videos on the first page of relevant search results.

Explainer Video that Works!

Dollar Shave Club

If you’re from the US, you might remember the Dollar Shave Club. (If you haven’t heard of it, check out the video below.) This razor and grooming products company had taken overnight victory with its hilarious explainer video in 2012. The video paved the way for its instant success — building up to 4.75 million views in three months and generating over 12,000 orders within 48 hours.

The live-action video has been a great business model for those who want to storm into a similar success. Thanks to the founder’s antic commentary, the Dollar Shave Club’s video easily connects with viewers in an unthinkable way.

This further suggests that an explainer video is indeed a great tool to improve SEO ranking and increase conversion rates within a short time.


Improving SEO ranking is challenging for the most part. It requires hard work to achieve SEO goals as this strategy is perceived to bring a greater result in the future. However, it takes a long time to rank organically on the first page. Hundreds of competitors are competing for the same keywords.

Fear not, as there’s one method to boost your SEO ranking on Google. Explainer videos are often used to increase online presence with their compelling narration. Videos help the search engine find relevant content. Moreover, this type of content always hooks people in the first place, making it a perfect solution for users looking for quick information.

Check out how explainer videos work for your brand by improving search appearance. Now that you know there’s a way to increase your SEO rank, what are you waiting for?


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).


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