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Content research samples

Save time by outsourcing the research phase of your content creation workflow

Competitor research samples

Get insights into your competitors’s strategies to outperform them or carve a unique niche

SEO samples

Boost your search rankings and get more traffic from your target market

Blog post samples

SEO, conversion-driven blog posts for better search rankings, more engagement with prospects and customers, and increased conversions

Editing samples

Ensure your content and copy is the best it can be

Lead magnet samples

Attract your exact target market, prequalify leads and show your expertise

Email samples

Warm-prospecting emails and email newsletters that convert

Editing samples

Ensure your content and copy is the best it can be

Website samples

Engaging copy that’s optimised for conversions and search engines, driving traffic and sales

Product description samples

SEO product descriptions optimised with power words for better search rankings and more conversions

Marketing and press samples

Press and marketing materials that stand out, capture attention and drive sales

Strategy samples

K. M. Wade strategies — your map to winning more sales and generating sustainable business growth