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Email copywriter

Do you need an email copywriter to help improve the success of your email campaigns?

How often do you receive emails that you never open let alone read? A good email copywriter can increase email open rates and get people reading your emails whether you’re sending ‘cold emails’, ‘warm emails’ or email newsletters.

A great email consists of:

  • an attention-grabbing subject line
  • preview text that makes subscribers or prospects want to open the email and read more
  • engaging content that solves a problem for subscribers or prospects
  • a call to action that gets subscribers interacting with the sender’s brand or encourages prospects to continue the conversation

An awesome email copywriter should craft subject lines that ensnare, preview text that intrigues and body copy that informs and engages. The best email newsletters also need unsubscribe copy that gives subscribers the opportunity to remove themselves from the email list while actively discouraging them from doing so in an entirely ethical way.

But, knowing the components of a fantastic email is not the same as being able to craft one. For instance, one of the biggest challenges in writing a great email is to come up with a subject line that appeals to a large number of recipients given there’s only 65 characters to work with. How often can you create a phrase of 65 characters that snares readers, making them stop everything and actually pay attention to your email? Even a tweet gives you more room to work with…

And that’s just the start. Every single aspect of an email must be finely tuned to the needs of the audience if the email is to succeed as a whole. If you’re relying on emails to boost your sales or prospect for new clients, do you really want to trust an amateur to write your email copy? Or do a DIY job?

Are you:

  • anxious about high unsubscribe rates?
  • dismayed by low email open rates?
  • frustrated by low click rates?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then I’m the email copywriter for you.

When you work with me, I’ll produce emails or email scripts according to your existing content strategy or I can help you develop a content strategy if you don’t yet have one. Either way, I’ll suggest a variety of email formats to suit your target audience.


To see how I’ve helped other small and medium businesses like yours, check out my email portfolio below.

Email copywriter and email marketing: a great email copywriter can improve your email marketing through increased open rates and click rates this case study shows how I've done it with clients just like yours
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