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SEO Course

ATTENTION: Anyone who wants more web traffic and sales without having to hunt around for an SEO company that can actually walk the walk

Discover a simple, easy to understand and follow process to upgrade your website and open the flood gates on website traffic

So you can win more sales, increase your profits and consistently grow your business!

New Master Your Small Business SEO Course makes it easy for anyone to get more website visitors

Even if you’re not good with tech and you find SEO jargon confusing

There’s big money to be made on the internet, even more so since COVID-19 forced so many more people to shop online. And if you’re like most business owners, you would love to get a bigger slice of that pie. But there’s a big problem.

Those shoppers are going to your competitors’ websites because they’re the websites showing up in your ideal customers’ search results.

Those competitors have spent more money on their websites. Their websites have been around longer. And they’ve got some SEO legend working magic on their site.

How in the world can you compete with that?

Do you hire that SEO company that emailed you out of the blue with a report highlighting everything that’s wrong with your site? Do you google SEO companies and take out a business loan so you can hire whichever one shows up first in the search results? How will you even know whether they’re getting good results for your website?

Those are the just some of the questions I had when I first realised I needed an SEO-friendly website if I wanted my business to succeed.

So, I did what anyone would do… I turned to the internet.

The limitations of Google

Unfortunately, the Internet didn’t help much…

While I was able to get an overview of the basics of search engine optimisation, I wasn’t able to find the do-this, do-that, step-by-step guide I wanted. Which was annoying because I wasn’t interested in spending hours on end trying to figure this stuff out. I also didn’t want to sift through tons of useless information.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened…

I’d spend hours clicking one link after another, trying to get to the ‘good’ stuff. Before I knew it, I’d have dozens of browser tabs open and half my day would be gone. Worse still, I’d be more confused than I was before I started!

It seemed like the people who wrote articles about this kind of stuff couldn’t agree on anything.

One person would claim hitting the right keyword density is vital to getting good SEO results. Then the next one would say keyword density isn’t relevant anymore at all.

And so on…

It was incredibly frustrating.

After coming across conflicting advice more times than I could count, I started paying more attention to who was actually offering the advice.

What I discovered left me dumbfounded.

Most of the so-called SEO ‘experts’ spouting information on the internet have little to no relevant real-world experience.

Either they’re:

All this makes them unqualified to give any small business owner SEO advice.

Which is why you can’t trust a lot of what you read online about SEO.

Most people give up on their dreams

I wish the problems I experienced when I first started out were unusual. But they’re not. Virtually everyone who wants more website visitors goes through something similar when trying to learn SEO. Along the way, most of them decide the process is too:

That’s why plenty of smart people give up on their dreams of making their fortune online.

It’s not that they CAN’T do it — they can. It’s just a huge pain to figure out all the details when you’ve got little free time and bills to pay.

I totally understand that because I went through it all myself.

And while I did manage to make sense of it eventually, it took:

The good news is that you don’t need to go through that, because I’m about to share with you the absolute easiest way for you to start learning about SEO.

That’s why I urge you to read this all the way through to the end. The information I’m about to share has the potential to be a huge game changer for you.

But before I get to that, allow me to introduce myself.

Kelly Wade, marketing specialist, K. M. Wade

Hi, I’m Kelly Wade

Full-funnel marketing specialist and Founder of K. M. Wade

That story I just told you took place when I first began blogging, way back in 2011. Since then, I’ve helped scores of businesses build websites that attract their ideal customers and get them buying again and again. I’ve helped:

  • Big companies

    Like Lenovo, DBS Bank and Chubb

  • Single-person businesses

    Like yoga instructors, electricians, counsellors, tutors, AdSense users and affiliate marketers

  • Not-for-profits

    Like Neuroclastic

  • Others

    And everything in between

I frequently produce blog posts that attract more traffic than the brand’s supposedly professionally optimised homepage (and then they’ve had me optimise their homepage for them properly). And I’m one of the best SEO copywriters in Canberra (google ‘SEO copywriter Canberra’ and you’ll see I rank in the top few positions).

As a result of my success, I’ve been able to do things in my life that I never dreamed were possible, like:

While I’m thrilled with what I’ve managed to accomplish, I’ll admit using SEO to attract more website visitors was a real struggle at first. In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t have anybody I could ask.

Initially I had basically no traffic. Then after wading through all the confusing and contradictory information I started seeing visitors — but they weren’t buying, they weren’t the right visitors.

Yet even after all that research, I still made a lot of expensive mistakes along the way, costing me lots of time and money, while causing me plenty of headaches.

The good news is, I learned from those mistakes and today, I have SEO down to a science.

I know exactly how to attract a flood of the right shoppers and get them buying, without using any of the dodgy tactics that get websites penalised by Google and other search engines.

Still, I haven’t forgotten how hard it was when I first started out.

Back then, I really wished there was some kind of instruction manual — something I could turn to that would show me step-by-step exactly how to optimise my website, blog and online content.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about my NEW Master Your Small Business SEO Course

It’s designed for people like you. People who want to make money online but don’t know how to get lots of their ideal visitors onto their website and then buying their offerings.

The Master Your Small Business SEO Course is your easy, step-by-step guide to optimising your website and content to please the Google gods and your ideal human audience.

And, because I break everything down into bite-sized pieces, tell you exactly which tools you need and give you the exact step-by-step process you need to follow, it even works if you don’t have any tech skills.

In fact, by the time you get to the end of it, you’ll be so good at SEO, you’ll be able to optimise your friends’ sites too! (Though you might want to keep that secret to yourself otherwise you’ll never have any free time!)

That’s because my SEO course teaches you every single foundational SEO technique you need to dominate the search results.

Still a bit hazy on exactly what SEO is and how it can help you generate more business profits, reliably? There’s a whole module on that.

Desperate to speed up your site but have no idea where to start? That’s in the course too.

Heard about the perils of keyword stuffing and want to know how to use keywords the right way? Yep, I cover what they are, how to use them properly and how to find the best keywords for your brand, target audience and goals. In short, I teach you everything you need to know about SEO keywords..

In the Master Your Small Business SEO Course, I show you the easiest ways to:

  • Audit your site

    So you know which activities will help you achieve your goals fastest

  • Speed up your website

    So search engines will prioritise your content in their search results and human visitors will have a great experience on your site

  • Research the keywords that will attract your ideal customers

    So you not only get lots of visitors, but you get lots of visitors who are far more likely to buy from you

  • Turn your website visitors into paying customers

    So you make more sales and increase your profits

My course leaves nothing to chance — I teach you everything you need to know to succeed with SEO.

But that’s not all.

In the Master Your Small Business SEO Course, you’ll also get my secret strategies for saving massive amounts of time and money along the way. Because if you’re like most people, you don’t have enough of either.

That’s right, my course is designed to help you succeed, even if you have very little:

For instance…

Did you know you can start improving your search visibility with a single, free tool?

Yep, you read that correctly.

You can start improving your search visibility with just one, free tool… IF you use the secret time-saving tactic I teach in my course.

Plus, I even show you an easy method for halving the time it takes for your webpages to load which is a key way of making your visitors and the Google gods happy.

It’s so amazing that I promise you it works even if:

  • You’re not a website developer (you don’t need to be)
  • Your website isn’t built using WordPress or one of the other really popular website builders (everything I teach is relevant regardless of your website platform)
  • You don’t think you’re any good at tech stuff (you will be)
  • Your site is full of videos, high-quality photos and other big files (I’ll show you how to deal with those)

Speeding up your website is easy to do, once you know how, yet it delivers so many benefits.

Firstly, it makes your website visitors happy.

How many times have you googled something, clicked on a result and then gone straight back and chosen a different search result because the first one took too long to load? If your website is slow, that’s exactly what people are doing with your site. By speeding up your site, you get more people hanging around on your site and looking at your content.

Secondly, it makes search engines happy.

You see, a search engine’s job is to provide the best resources to resolve their users’ search queries, and they know their users don’t like slow websites. They also know their users are far more likely to click on one of the first three search results. So when they have several very similar pieces of content to put in their search results, they’ll show the faster ones first.

Thirdly, the way I teach you to speed up your site also reduces the size of your site.

Why does that matter? Well, most sites either have a limit to how big they can be or attract higher monthly fees as they get bigger. So by reducing the size of your website, you either free up space that you can use to sell more stuff, or you reduce the monthly cost of your website.

But the Master Your Small Business SEO Course doesn’t just teach how to speed up websites. With my course, you’ll also learn super-easy methods for attracting relevant visitors too.

Relevant visitors are the key to higher conversion rates and more profits, and they’re easier to attract than you probably think

In the Master Your Small Business SEO Course, I’ll also show you how to choose the right keywords for your brand, audience and goals, so search engines show your website to your ideal customers and they can immediately see that your website offers what they’re looking for. Together, this means more of your ideal customers visiting your website and seeing your sales messages.

Even better, the methods I’ll teach you don’t require you to become some kind of research savant or invest in lots of super expensive tools or services.

The top industry keyword tools start at USD99/month. Professional keyword researchers charge upwards of USD400 to research keywords for a single piece of content. And the average SEO company charges $2000 a month for a small business SEO package.

But I know what it’s like not to have the cashflow to devote to exorbitant monthly fees, which are often only sustainable for big corporations or big-budget copywriting projects. So I show you how to get the results you need with free and cheap tools.

In addition, I’m also a trained researcher (at the PhD level) and long-time educator, so I’ve spent countless hours distilling my robust research process into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method that absolutely anyone can follow no matter their background. Seriously, I’ve taught everyone from graduate university students down to itty bitty preschoolers (not to mention my own kids from birth), so I know how to take complex concepts and convey them so simply (without being condescending) that you’ll wonder why no one else explains things that way.

By combining these two things together, this course will enable you to target your website and content with laser-like precision so you get better conversion rates for a far lower cost. And that means more profits.

Another thing you probably didn’t realise (because the industry wants you to rely on their services), is that…

You can plot out a course for dominating relevant search results in just a few hours

People are always surprised to learn how easy it is to audit their site’s SEO and figure out where they can make the biggest impact on their search traffic. For instance, did you know you can conduct a pretty decent SEO audit on an average-sized website in about 10 minutes?

It’s true, you can.

And in this course, there’s a demo that walks you step-by-step through the entire process. And then there’s a bunch of information to ensure you understand exactly what everything in the audit means. (That’s where a free SEO audit on it’s own doesn’t help. Sure you can learn what’s wrong with your site, or at least the homepage, using one of those freebies. But they won’t help you understand what’s wrong, and therefore you won’t know how to fix it.)

Sounds simple, right?

It is.

People just think it has to be complicated because SEO companies make it sound like they have magical powers to make it happen.

Let me give you an example. Not long ago, I volunteered to show a not-for-profit, run entirely by people on the autistic spectrum, how to audit their website and fix the issues identified in the audit. As a result of my work with them, their site went from attracting a monthly average of 76 visitors from Google searches, to an average of 1567 visitors per month — in just four months. That’s an increase of 1962%!

Now, none of the people involved in the website overhaul were technologically minded, and they didn’t have any grant funding to devote to hiring a website developer. But with my guidance, they achieved some fantastic results in a short period of time.

If a couple of volunteers with no technical expertise or prior SEO knowledge can start overhauling a site with hundreds of blog posts and achieve those kinds of results in just a few months, imagine what you can do…

Think of it like this.

If you tried to tackle a paint-by-number kit without knowing which color went with each number, it would be pretty hard, wouldn’t it?

Next-to-impossible even.

But if you had the key — which explained which color went where — imagine how easy it would seem.

Heck, anybody could paint a nice picture with the key, regardless of their skill level. Even my three-year-old can do that.

The same thing is true of SEO.

Try to do it on your own, and it’s confusing and overwhelming. Just like tackling a paint-by-number activity without the key.

But have someone give you the key, and what a difference! Suddenly, it all seems super-easy.

That’s because it IS… when you have someone to show you the ropes.

You don’t need to be a tech nerd to succeed

Now, at this point, you might be thinking…

The course sounds great, but am I really capable of doing this? Don’t I need to be more tech savvy to do SEO?

Allow me to answer that.

Your competitors are not more tech savvy than you. Some of them may have hired an expert website developer, which is necessary if you want a super flashy and complicated website. But you don’t need that level of technological know-how to drive more website traffic and profits. The only difference between your competitors (or their contractors) and you, is that they have information you don’t.

This course levels the playing field. It gives you straightforward, no-fluff, jargon-free information — based on my years of industry experience — so you learn step-by-step what you need to do to be successful with SEO.

This course was designed for people exactly like you — people who’ve never done SEO before, people who don’t have a single technical bone in their body, people who need a blueprint that’ll break it all down for them.

There’s nothing I teach in the Master Your Small Business SEO Course that you can’t do.

You’ll ALSO learn the same copywriting strategies that make big corporations billions of dollars every year

I don’t just show you how to optimise your website and content for better search results. I also show you how to write SEO-friendly copy so you can convert more of your website visitors into paying customers.

After all, there’s no point attracting a flood of your ideal customers if you don’t know how to get them to actually part with their hard-earned cash. You need to be able to show them that what you’re offering them is the perfect solution for their needs.

That’s why I included an entire module on SEO copywriting in the Master Your Small Business SEO Course.

In that module, I reveal the key strategies expert copywriters use to craft billion-dollar marketing campaigns. Because, while SEO is a vital tool in the digital marketing toolbox, and it does improve conversion rates on it’s own to some extent, it has to work hand-in-hand with powerful sales messages if it’s to really move the needle when it comes to sales and profits.

And that’s the kind of stuff I’ll show you in the Master Your Small Business SEO Course.

Honestly, this information is so powerful, it has the potential to transform your life, just like it did mine.

Stop wasting money on so much online advertising

A lot of small businesses pour tens of thousands of dollars into online advertising because sometimes the ads work. After all, research shows people are far more likely to click on an ad in Google search results (as opposed to a non-paid search result) when they’re looking to buy something.

But it’s so hit and miss. Businesses can’t figure out why some ads work and others don’t. Unbeknownst to them, data shows hardly anyone clicks on search result ads if they’re looking for information — if they’re not yet ready to buy.

All they know is that no one sees Facebook posts unless they’re boosted by an ad and hardly anyone visits their website when they’re not running ads, so they think advertising is the only way to generate sales.

When they start falling behind their competition, they pour increasing amounts of money into paid ads in a desperate bid to stay in the black.

Frankly, it kinda sucks.

If you can relate to that scenario, I’ve got news for you. SEO is the best cure I know of. 

Before I started using SEO, I thought only the biggest websites and most popular brands could attract tens or hundreds of thousands of website visitors each month. Now I know even small not-for-profits can achieve top search rankings and excellent search traffic using the tools and techniques I teach in this course.

Imagine attracting tens of thousands of your ideal customers to your website every month and watching them learn to love your brand and offerings so much that they keep coming back to you time and time again. Imagine being able to carve a chunk out of your advertising budget or even scrapping it entirely and still earn more profit than you do now. Imagine not having to work through the weekend and greeting Mondays with enthusiasm because your poor traffic and cashflow problems are a thing of the past.

My course shows you step-by-step how to attract consistently higher volumes of search traffic and convert more of those visitors into paying customers so you can experience exactly those things rather than just dreaming about them.

Think about that for a minute.

In a year’s time…

Imagine what your life would be like IF you followed the exact same steps I teach in this SEO course


  • Top search rankings

    Ranking number one on Google for your most important SEO keywords

  • Record traffic

    Getting record amounts of website traffic without spending record amounts on advertising

  • Happy, loyal customers

    Securing customers that are much happier with what you offer and much more loyal to your brand

  • Record profits

    Raking in record profits

  • Freedom from stress

    Not stressing about whether your business is sustainable and whether it’ll still be operating in a year’s time

That scenario isn’t a pipe dream.

I’ve experienced all these things as someone who understands SEO.

You can too, by putting the information I teach in the course to work for you.

Let me tell you more about what you’ll get with the Master Your Small Business SEO Course

This SEO course consists of 12 modules:

  1. The truth about SEO and setting up for success
  2. Hitting the target
  3. It’s all about the experience
  4. Accessibility
  5. Straightforward keyword research
  6. Let me entertain you
  7. Copywriting for humans and search engines
  8. Website promotion the right (and cheap) way
  9. Measuring success
  10. Ecommerce SEO
  11. Local SEO
  12. Earning snippets

And in the course, you’ll learn:

That’s just a sneak peek of some of what you’ll learn in my Master Your Small Business SEO Course — the course covers way too much to list here.

Learn the way you like

Unlike other courses, which make you learn in a particular way, even if it doesn’t work for you, this course includes videos, audio files, written lessons, checklists, workbooks and more, so you can learn the way that works best for you. By the end of the course, you’ll even have a set of templates you can use every time you want to change something on your website or add new content.

As you can see, the Master Your Small Business SEO Course comes with everything you need to be successful.

There is literally nothing else on the market that’ll take you by the hand like this course will and show you exactly what you need to do to attract more website traffic from your target market and convert more of those visitors into paying customers.

When I was creating this course, I had two options

  1. The first was to minimise the cost of the course by keeping it super short and skimping on the value.
  2. The second was to pack the course with as much valuable information as I could, so you have the absolute greatest chance of duplicating the success I bring to my clients.

Others choose the first option, but I chose the second option, because I really want you to succeed. And the best way I know to help you do that is to share with you everything I’ve learned about optimising web content over almost a decade, so you have all the same know-how I do.

Of course, that meant I had to spend many, many months writing and recording all the lessons for this masterclass, and then I had to pay a small fortune to create and host the videos.

But at the end of it all, I’m really proud of this course.

It’s the most comprehensive foundational SEO course you’ll find on the market today.

This masterclass teachers you the A-Z of increasing your search rankings and attracting more website traffic, plus it’ll show you how to convert more of those website visitors into paying customers using the same strategies I use to generate profits for my clients.

So let’s talk about how you can get started with the course.

I’m offering the Master Your Small Business SEO Course for just one easy payment of $537.

That’s almost 50% off its regular retail price of $895.

There are about 120 lessons in this course so you’re getting each lesson for less than $5 — that’s less than you probably spent the last time you bought a hot lunch.

And unlike the cash you dropped on lunch, the money you spend on the Master Your Small Business SEO Course is an investment in your future.

You’re investing a small amount of money now so you have the means to create a more sustainable business and the lifestyle you’ve been craving.

Master Your Small Business SEO Course

$895 $<5 / Lesson
  • Save almost 50% off the regular retail price
  • 12 Modules
  • 120 lessons
  • Learn to improve your search visibility
  • Start driving more website traffic
  • Attract your ideal customers
  • Make more sales
  • Increase your profits

Let me tell you why an investment in this course is so important

By now you know:

This course will teach you how to rocket up the search engine rankings and boost your conversions

So you get more of the right web traffic and you make more sales

You can have a really successful online business

You just need the right information

That unless you put money on the line today, you probably won’t follow through with this

Even though it’s the absolute easiest way to achieve the website traffic and profits you desire

So, I urge you to invest in the Master Your Small Business SEO Course and your business today.

That investment will give you 537 reasons to take this course seriously and make it work for you, so you CAN have the successful business and lifestyle you want.

The one where you don’t have to work through the weekend and can greet Mondays with enthusiasm because your poor traffic and cashflow problems are a thing of the past.

After all, you already know you can succeed with this — you just need a push so you’ll follow through.

$537 is a great push.

It’s a way of saying to yourself, “I’m committing to my success. I’m putting money on the line, because I know I’ll make this work if I have skin in the game.”

Plus, you have absolutely nothing to lose by doing that, because I’m offering a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Free trial — Your risk-free guarantee

Try the Master Your Small Business SEO Course absolutely free.

Take every lesson in the first module and apply what you learned. Get to know my teaching style and what to expect in the following modules. If you don’t love the course, there’s absolutely no requirement for you to buy any further modules. You’re not tied down with a contract. There’s no hassle, no fine print, no funny business. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this course.

Now, I know I’ve covered a lot here today. So, let me just quickly sum up what you’re going to get with the Master Your Small Business SEO Course:

  1. The truth about SEO and setting up for success
    Forget what the average Joe thinks SEO is. Get a full understanding of what this vital tool is and get fully set up so you can hit the ground running and start boosting your search rankings as fast as possible.
  2. Hitting the target
    Learn to audit your site like a pro so you can identify the highest impact SEO activities that will get you the best results in the least time.
  3. It’s all about the experience
    Learn how to easily and cheaply speed up your website and make other changes that improve the experience humans get on your site. The benefit of this is that search engines prioritise your website in their search results and your ideal visitors hang around on your site for longer once they find it.
  4. Accessibility
    Make sure search engines can easily find and explore your whole site. If search engines can’t access a part of your site, they won’t show it in their search results.
  5. Straightforward keyword research
    Learn how to research and use the right keywords to attract your ideal customers so your conversion rates and sales sore.
  6. Let me entertain you
  7. Copywriting for humans and search engines
  8. Website promotion the right (and cheap) way
  9. Measure success
  10. Ecommerce SEO
  11. Local SEO
  12. Earning snippets


Again, you get all this really valuable information for a small one-time investment of $537. But let me tell you why this course is an even better value.

Every new online business makes SEO mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, those mistakes are expensive, often costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

In the Master Your Small Business SEO Course, I show you how to prevent those mistakes — mistakes, by the way, that would cost you far more than the price of this course.

And again, you get to do a whole module free to ensure you love the way I teach and the kind of information I share. So there’s absolutely no risk.

Try the Master Your Small Business SEO Course and if you don’t like it for any reason, you don’t pay a cent.

Once you do, you’ll get immediate online access to the Master Your Small Business SEO Course.
Try it for yourself and see how valuable the lessons are. Learn how to improve your search ranking so you can start attracting your first 10k, 50k, 100k or more monthly visitors.
You literally have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

All I ask is that once you start dominating the search results after taking the Master Your Small Business SEO Course, you shoot me an email and let me know.

I love hearing how my classes have changed people’s lives — it’s one of the most rewarding things about what I do.

Thanks for your time!

I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to optimise your website so you, too, can attract and convert more of your ideal visitors and start growing your profits.

Kelly Wade

Founder, Master Your Small Business SEO Course