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Reading Resources

Thank you for purchasing a personalised copy of, or a gift voucher for, ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ for that special young baby in your life. You’ve done a great thing by helping to kickstart Bub’s development.

To help families make the most of their new book, I’ve compiled this list of resources. Check them out if you bought ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ for your own baby or forward this page to your recipient if your purchase was a gift. (To view each resource, just click on the heading.)

Choose black and white for newborn sight

If you received a copy of ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ as a gift, you might be wondering why someone has given you a black and white picture book. This article summarises some of the more pertinent research on the topic.

The benefits of reading out loud to children

Many parents and carers aren’t fully aware of the vast array of benefits that children derive from being read to. Those who do the reading also get something out of the practice too. This article summarises just some of the scientific literature that details these benefits.

When should you read to your child?

If you’ve received a copy of ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ as a gift prior to the birth of your child, this is a great article to read as it describes research into the benefits of reading to babies before and after birth.

For those of you whose children have already entered the world, you’re probably already reading to them so that part of the article isn’t as relevant. However, the end of this article discusses the best times of the day to read to children so you may find that interesting and/or useful.

Top 6 tips for including more shared reading in your child’s daily routine

Once you have kids it can be difficult to fit everything you might want to do into a standard day. Since reading out loud to kids is so beneficial and I know many people don’t do it as often as they would like to due to lack of time, I’ve included this article to help your family realise the benefits of regular shared reading.

What to do with your copy of ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ once your baby surpasses 6 months of age

This book is, of course, specifically designed for babies up to 6 months of age (largely due to the images). That doesn’t mean you have to stop using it when your baby reaches the 6 month mark though.

By that age, your baby will be able to further develop his or her vision by looking at coloured pictures but the black and white images certainly won’t do any harm. The story, on the other hand, is designed to still be of interest and value to older babies. Many babies are delighted when they realise the story is ‘about them’ and the repetition and cadence of the story will continue to help your child develop a variety of skills, including language and literacy skills.

Older children will enjoy being able to correctly identify the teddy and, eventually, all the other items pictured in the book.

When your child begins to learn to read, this book can resurface to once again be a great learning tool. As the images match the words, they will help your child learn unfamiliar words. And the repetition may be a great confidence builder because your child won’t have to know as many different words in order to be able to read the whole story.

When your child finally grows out of reading their copy of ‘Where’s My Teddy?’, it makes a great keepsake as it holds memories of your child at so many different ages.

When should you stop reading to your child?

Obviously, this is a little way down the track unless your baby has an older sibling, but many people stop reading to their children when their children can read independently without realising that there are many disadvantages to doing so. As such, I think it’s worth knowing about the advantages of prolonged shared reading ahead of time and so I’ve included this article for you in case you feel the same way.

Other resources

Are there other reading resources you are looking for? Let me know by emailing and I’ll see if I can help you out.

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