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New content marketing guide shows you step by step how to write awesome blog posts that your ideal customers love to read…

Even if you’ve never managed to get any blog visitors before

There are 4 reasons to blog. You might want to:

1. Sell products
2. Sell services
3. Make money through affiliate marketing
4. Make money by serving ads on your blog (You might do one of these or a combination.)

Notice, the common theme here is that you have a blog because you want to make money from it.

To do that, you need two things:

1. Lots of blog traffic — and those visitors need to be people who could benefit from what you’re selling or advertising
2. Blog posts that take those visitors closer to the point where they’ll buy something from you (or click on the links or ads that will mean other brands will pay you)

But with billions of blog posts being published every single year, it seems almost impossible to write blog posts that anyone will see let alone read and take action on.

Disappointing results? Blame bad content writing

Crafting blog posts that regularly show up in search results, get shared on social media and engage the desired audience is now one of the most common and effective tactics professional marketers use to sell their own services and make money for their clients.

No matter what you’re marketing, effective blog posts can be the bread and butter of your marketing efforts.

Take Neil Patel for example. He’s one of the most well known digital marketing experts and he’s built multiple million dollar business from scratch, starting with just a blog. Sure he now uses cleverly integrated copy and other content as well, but he started with nothing but a blog and blogging is still a core part of his marketing strategy.

But just because a blog can help you meet your income goals, that doesn’t mean it will. The reality for most bloggers and businesses is stark — the vast majority of blogs don’t make much or any money.

No one reads them.

According to a recent study of 100,000 random pieces of content, 50% had two or less Twitter shares, two or less Facebook interactions, and zero LinkedIn shares. No one is reading those posts.

Why isn’t anyone reading those posts? There are lots of reasons:

  • No one finds them when they search for information

  • No one sees them when they browse their social media feeds

  • No one shares the blog posts with them

  • They’re boring

  • They’re just an ad for a product, service or brand

  • They’re full of spelling and grammar mistakes

And the simple fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter what you do — if your blog posts aren’t great, no one will read them and they won’t drive sales.

Fortunately, there’s a solution…

The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook cover on a tablet

Introducing The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook

My new guide, The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook, is designed to help you write engaging blog posts that solve the problems faced by your ideal readers and boost your revenue.

It’s like your secret weapon for influencing your readers so they take the actions that will make you money.

With guidance on how to write blog posts in seven high-performing styles, this guide will give you the tools to create a powerful and effective blog that:

  • Attracts the attention of your ideal reader

  • Solves some of their problems

  • Proves you’re an expert in your field

  • Gains their trust

  • Explains why your class of products/services is the best solution for their biggest problems

  • Convinces them that the exact products and services you’re advertising are the ideal solution they need

  • Inspires them to keep coming back to you for solutions to their problems

  • Encourages them to tell everyone they know just how awesome your business is

Pair that with quality sales copy and you have a recipe for increased sales and sustainable business growth.

I know how powerful these blog post styles are because they’re exactly how I’m growing my own business — a business which feeds my family and pays the bills even though I’m also a full-time carer of two young children so I can’t work even close to a full 40-hour week.

By now you might be wondering…

Who Am I?

Kelly Wade, marketing specialist, K. M. Wade

Kelly Wade

Marketing specialist

Hi, I’m Kelly Wade, a marketing specialist and author of 10 books. I help businesses win more sales and generate sustainable growth. Writing reader-first, search engine friendly blog posts that drive traffic and push readers through the sales funnel is one of my specialities. Importantly, unlike other blogging ‘experts’ that stopped writing in the nineties and naughties, I’m still actively blogging for clients today under the current search algorithms, and my blog posts still get real results. For example, within a year of publication, two blog posts I recently created for a small business client have each become so popular they are (at the time of writing) each attracting more visitors than the business’s homepage and between them are generating 61.6% of the business’s total website traffic. This book distils my content writing expertise. You couldn’t be in safer hands!

At this point, I can imagine what some of you might be thinking…

This guide won’t work for me because I never know what to write about

A lot of people struggle to come up with interesting blog topics on a regular basis. And they worry their audience won’t engage with the topics they do manage to dream up.

But no matter who you are or what your background is, my guide will teach you how to discover and develop the best blog post topics for your ideal readers.

And no, this doesn’t involve using cringe-worthy writing prompts…

No matter how specific or technical your niche is, once you’ve read my guide you’ll know exactly how to choose the right topics so your blog posts better serve the needs of your audience.

That’s because I teach you how to use simple, straightforward tools and techniques that are super easy for anyone to apply to their own workflow. That’s right — there are tools you can use to get data-driven solutions to these kinds of challenges.

For instance, did you know there are FREE TOOLS that will show you the most popular topics that your competitors are creating content about? It’s true. This data is all freely available on the internet and once you know how to access it, you can use it to generate your own ideas for popular blog posts that your readers will love.

And there are other tools that show you what questions people need answers to. That’s another great way to generate topic ideas.

I’ll show you how to use each of these tools to generate your own content ideas so you never again have to wrack your brains for something new and interesting.

What about SEO? I don’t know anything about it…

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a huge topic and can get quite complicated. But on top of helping you choose great blog post topics, I’ll also show you how to find high-quality search keywords for your chosen topic ideas and how to structure your blog posts so you can write content on topics your readers will love, which will also rank better in search engines as well.

How? Well, did you know there are FORMULAS for effective blog posts that show up in Google search results? It’s true. There are procedures for picking great keywords, and formulas for where to put them so your blog posts have the best chance of ranking and being found.

And no, this doesn’t involve any ‘black hat’ SEO techniques that search engines hate and penalise.

Just like a magician revealing how to pull a rabbit out of a hat, I lay out those procedures and formulas along with other blog post writing ‘tricks’ — teaching you behind-the-scenes stuff that people normally spend years trying to learn.

As a result, you can dramatically improve your blog faster than you ever thought possible — even if today, you’re struggling to choose interesting topics and you know nothing about SEO.

So, let me tell you more about what you’ll get with the guide

Like I mentioned, the guide lays out seven high-performing blog posts styles.

This means you can choose exactly the right type of post for the type of problem you want to solve. It also means you can keep regular blog readers engaged with a variety of blog post styles.

For each blog post style, you get:

  • An overview that describes what the style of blog post does and when and why you might use it

  • Real-world examples that illustrate how effective it is and give you some inspiration for when it comes time to write (or commission) your own

  • A step-by-step guide to producing your own blog post of that type

  • A check-list template to use when you create or commission your blog posts

This means you can:

  • Easily choose the right style to match your blog post goal

  • See examples of great ways to develop your chosen style

  • Follow a simple step-by-step process so you’re never left wondering how to accomplish your goals

  • Refer back to a detailed template so you get great results every time you sit down to write (and you also have a template to give your writer if down the track you decide to outsource some of your content creation)

In addition to the style guides, the book also includes an overview of how to incorporate your blog into your marketing strategy.

With this information, you’ll be able to start integrating your blog with your other marketing assets so you can more quickly and easily convert prospects into loyal customers that make you lots of money (or loyal readers who click on lots of links or ads so you receive lots of affiliate or ad revenue).

So, let me reveal just some of what you’ll learn in The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook

  • How to drive sales with blog posts

  • The most efficient way to create an awesome aggregated-content blog post

  • The best way to create a valuable list-based blog post

  • Why and when to create a what-is blog post

  • THE way to create an ultimate-guide blog post

  • How to take advantage of massively popular trending news with a newsjacking blog post

  • The right way to craft an infographic blog post

Bottom line, if you sell products or provide a service, the content writing tips in this guide will help you create a blog that actually contributes to your bottom line.

And if your goal is to influence others so they click on your affiliate links or sponsored ads, you’ll learn how to write blog posts that get found by the right people and provide real value to those readers, so they’re happy to give you those sought-after clicks.

But that’s hardly the only thing that makes The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook a standout guide

You’ll also love the guide for its:

  • Straightforward structure

  • Real-life examples

  • Lack of fluff

Plus, because this is a digital guide, you can easily read it on your phone, laptop, tablet or e-reader! I haven’t applied any DRM (digital rights management) so you can load it onto all of your devices if you want.

So let’s talk about how you can get the guide

Right now, I’m making ‘The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook’ available for a special launch price of just $5.99.

Now let me tell you why that price is a steal.

This guide is based on my nearly 10 years of professional blogging experience — where I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t through careful research and trial and error. That’s why the writing and marketing lessons you’ll learn in this guide are invaluable — lots of this stuff took me months or years to master, whereas you’ll be able to pick it up immediately and start improving your blog right away.

You can’t buy that kind of expertise. But you can learn from it.

And I’m letting you do exactly that for just $5.99 today.

Other brands sell individual templates for $10 each. So these templates are worth $70 by themselves! And one of the cheapest SEO mini-courses (which doesn’t even cover blogging in this level of detail) will set you back nearly $100.

So by buying this guide now you’re easily saving more than $160 and getting more for your money too.

Why so cheap?

This is a brand new guide so I want to get some testimonials and reviews for it so it can climb up the rankings more quickly. To make that happen, I’m offering a limited number of guides at this low, introductory price.

Once it’s selling well, I plan to raise the price to better reflect the value the guide provides and the effort I put in to creating it, so I recommend you grab your copy today so you don’t miss out on this special offer.

Plus, the sooner you start using The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook, the faster you can start increasing your revenue via your blog.

Once you place your order, you’ll get instant, downloadable access to the guide on as many of your devices as you like.

So, act now by clicking the button below to get immediate access to all this amazing knowledge.

Thanks for your time! I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to create blog posts that really engage your ideal audience and get them taking the actions that will increase the dollars in your bank account.

And if you have any questions about the guide, please email me at — you’ll get a personal response from me, not a robot or secretary.

Have a great day!

From Kelly Wade, Author of The Content Marketer’s Blog Post Playbook


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