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Top 3 Funniest Moments in my Daughter’s first 6 Months

They say ‘kids do the darnedest things’ and my now 6-month old daughter (Miss0.5) is no exception. There have been lots of funny moments but here are the top three so far.

Number 3

Miss0.5 likes to ‘dance’ with us to a variety of styles of music. Recently she’s also started bouncing (like she wants to jump only she doesn’t leave the ground). One day it was freezing and we had popped a beanie on her head. When I came into the living room that evening, I found her and Hubby bobbing along to a hip hop number. She was bouncing almost exactly in time to the music and Hubby had her arms waving around in traditional hip hop style. It was hilariously cute.

Number 2

Since she was 4 months old, my little one has been sharing my weet-bix and mixed berries with me. In fact, it’s one of her favourite meals. As with all babies though, she makes a terrible mess when eating it and usually ends up covered in blue and grey goo. One day I hoped in the shower and low an behold, my nipple was also covered in the same goo (I breast feed). It was one of those funny problems that only mums really encounter.

Number 1

While both of those incidents were funny, nothing has approached the few instances of chicken harassment that Miss0.5 has engaged in. You might wonder what on Earth she’s been doing and why I don’t find it terrible that she is so mean to our chickens but give me a moment to explain and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s harmless, hilarious, fun.

You see our bantam chickens like to sit on our deck with us at various points throughout the day. They are, however, particularly fond of doing so when we’re eating because they know there’s a chance they’ll get a snack. One chicken is particularly bold and before Miss0.5 was born, she frequently used to hop up on my lap in order to get closer to the food source. It took her a while to get used to Miss0.5 but once she did, she started occasionally doing the same thing.

The problem is, Miss0.5 will grab anything she can get her hands on and chicken feathers must look very interesting because she had been eying off the chickens for some time and would often try to touch them. So, when Chicken That Is Not A Chicken (long story) hopped on my lap while Miss0.5 was also there, she kept at the opportunity and grabbed her tail. And Miss0.5 thought it was fantastic. The look of wonder and joy on her face was priceless!

Chicken That Is Not A Chicken was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. She didn’t quite know what was going on but she tried and tried to hop off my lap and couldn’t. I battled through fits of giggles to pluck Miss0.5’s hands off her feathers so she could escape as soon as possible and it was only about 30s before Chicken That Is Not A Chicken could hop down, no harm done. I expected her to go off in a huff but she just turned around and looked up at me as if to say ‘don’t I get some food now?’. If I’d done the same thing she’d have run off and refused to co-operate with me for ages, for fear that I’d touch her again. It must be a secret animal sense that enabled her to realise that Miss0.5 is too young to know better.

What funny things have your little darlings done?


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