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Content marketing packages

Are you frustrated because you know:

☹ you need to post regularly on your blog or social media profile but you just don’t have the time?

☹ what you want to say on your blog or in your email newsletter but can’t find the words?

☹ how important content marketing is but you’re not sure how to get started producing fresh and engaging content?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions then I’m the content writer and strategist for you.

Content marketing can help you:

  • attract new prospects and leads
  • convert more prospects and leads into paying customers and clients
  • increase the lifetime value of customers and clients
  • turn customers and clients into loyal brand advocates

All of this means more sales, reduced advertising costs (or a better return on investment if you choose to keep advertising costs the same) and better quality customers and clients.

Kickstart your content marketing with an all-in-one starter package

If you’re new to content marketing, getting started can be daunting. Even if you’ve dabbled a little, you may be struggling to use this fantastic tool consistently. If this resonates, my content marketing packages will be perfect for you.

I’ve produced a suite of content marketing packages to kickstart your content marketing efforts. They’re designed to let you hit the ground running with pretty much everything you need in the early days of content marketing. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a K. M. Wade content marketing package to suit your business and your budget.

Upon purchase, I’ll work with you to create digital content that encourages:

✔ high search rankings

✔ engagement with customers and prospects at every stage of the sales funnel

✔ prospect to customer conversion

✔ brand loyalty

✔ sharing on social media

Each package includes

  • Briefing – You’ll complete a briefing questionnaire that will enable me to understand your business and content objectives. I may ask followup questions and schedule a briefing call.
  • Research – I’ll do some detailed research into your industry, competitors and trends.
  • A 12-month content marketing strategy and content strategy – I’ll prepare an integrated content strategy (which combines a content strategy with a content marketing strategy) to guide the content I prepare for you as part of this package.
  • A BONUS content marketing strategy and content strategy – I’ll also develop a second integrated content strategy to ensure you’ve got a high-quality content plan for the following 12 months.
  • Content marketing professional development – Each month I’ll send you training material on a different aspect of content marketing to help you make better use of content marketing in your business.
  • An SEO keyword plan – I’ll plan a set of interrelated keywords that will provide a framework for the content I produce for this package. These will help me optimise your new content for search engines where that’s appropriate.
  • Tone guidelines: I’ll develop a set of guidelines that will help ensure a consistent tone of voice for the content I produce for this pack. This is also a great resource that you’ll be able to use for all your future writing projects regardless of who completes them.
  • Style guidelines: I’ll develop a style guide to cover the pieces I produce in this package. This is another fantastic resource that will help ensure all your future writing projects follow a consistent style too.
  • 12 Months of written content: I’ll craft a whole year’s worth of engaging SEO-friendly written content in your new brand voice. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about where your content is coming from for a whole year! It’ll all be informative, entertaining or quirky – whatever is needed for your brand.
  • Up to two FREE rounds of amendments: We’ll set up a revision schedule so you always know when to set aside reviewing time.
  • Professional proofreading: Your content will get a once-over by a professional proofreader to get rid of any pesky typos or grammatical errors.

The content packages

Blogtastic Basic

If you just want to dip your toes into content marketing, there’s no better way to start than with blogging.

What you get

Everything listed above plus:

  • 12 SEO-friendly blog posts (1 for each month) designed to help take strangers to your business on a journey through to loyal brand advocates
  • Written content
  • 1 featured image created from images you supply or stock images I source

Exciting Extras

If you’re ready to swim a little deeper into content marketing, email and blogging are great companions.

What you get

Everything in Blogtastic Basic plus:

  • A lead magnet to encourage customers to signup to your mailing list
  • Copy for your newsletter signup page
  • 12 emails for your email newsletter (includes written content and 1 image created from images you supply or stock images I source
  • 2 welcome emails
  • 1 sales email
  • 3 post-sales emails
  • 6 information emails that promote your blog content

Promotion Perfection Premium

If you’re raring to go and want to really kickstart your content marketing, social media, email and blog are a match made in heaven.

What you get

Everything in Exciting extras plus:

  • 12 months of social media posts (made with visuals you provide or stock images I source) to promote your blog content on up to three social media platforms (choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest)
  • I will schedule and post the above posts to your accounts for you\*
  • 12 social media ads (copy and 1 image) to help attract visitors to your profile/s and/or website


To see how I’ve helped other businesses and brands like yours, check out my strategy, blog post, email and social media portfolios below (click on each picture to view and download the portfolio samples).

Achieve your business aims with a content strategy
Click on this picture to download my portfolio sample
Email marketing: how to improve your email marketing through increased open rates and click rates
Click on this picture to download my portfolio sample
Blog posts that contribute to every stage of your sales funnel or flywheel
Click on this picture to download my portfolio sample
Social media: get social media posts that showcase your quality content
Click on this picture to download my portfolio sample

Why me

I have more than 10 years of professional writing, research, project management, teaching and business experience, which I leverage for every client I work with. My experience spans:

  • 10 years as a business owner
  • 5 years as an author of gardening and children’s picture books
  • 4 years of scientific research
  • 4 years as a policy officer briefing government ministers
  • 8 years as a private tutor + 2 years teaching ballet

When I work with you to craft fantastic content and copy for your content marketing activities, you’ll access my knowledge and skills in:

  • Project management
  • Research
  • Content & social media strategy
  • Inbound & content marketing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Blog writing
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations

I’ve also completed a range of content marketing certifications so you can be confident that I’m up to date with the latest content marketing trends.

a logo with text saying Kelly has been Inbound Certified by HubSpot Academy

a logo with text saying Kelly has been Email Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy

a logo with text saying Kelly has been Social Media Certified by HubSpot Academy

a logo with text saying Kelly has been Content Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy

I have completed both the Foundation and Practitioner level PRINCE2® project management certifications so you can benefit from my exceptional project management skills when completing these longer projects.

PRINCE2® logo

Sound good?

Let’s chat about how I can help you boost your sales and grow your business.

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