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Media Release copywriter

Do you need a media release copywriter?

Media and press releases follow a very strict format and can be difficult to write in an engaging way. What’s more, regional newspapers tend to copy and paste the copy directly into their publication whereas urban outlets often write their own stories. Writing a newsworthy media release that caters to both audiences is a challenge best left to a professional media release copywriter.

When do you need a media release?

Whenever you launch a new product or run an event, you have the opportunity to distribute a press release. You might also issue a media release in response to an incident. The most important thing is to ensure you have a newsworthy story to tell. Your media release copywriter will then be able to craft the narrative that will get your story noticed.

What can a media release achieve?

When you issue a media release, the most common response is for media outlets to run a story in their publication. A well-targeted media release can also secure other free publicity like interviews and appearances of TV or radio.

What can I do for you?

When you work with me to produce a media release, I will craft creative copy designed to pique the interest of media outlets. I will also target the copy at specific media outlets if that suits your goals. I can interview key personalities to garner exciting quotes for your release or I can craft tailor-made quotes for approval. Your new media release will follow a tried and true format that will improve the chances of media outlets running your story. I can also organise distribution if you wish or you can handle that yourself.


To see how I’ve helped other organisations like yours, check out my media release portfolio below.

Kelly is a media release copywriter who writers media releases that draw attention to your news
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The right copy can make or break your marketing and press products. If you want your press and marketing material to stand outcapture attention and drive sales, you need an experienced writer to craft your written content. Below are examples of press releases I have prepared for a variety of individuals and organisations, such as Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and not-for-profits. (Clicking on the pictures will display links to the full media releases where possible.)