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Helping you convert leads into paying customers that keep coming back for more

SEO Canberra. The K. M. Wade silver quill represents the high quality content writing and copywriting services we provide.

No matter how much traffic or how many leads you have, if you can’t convert visitors into paying customers, you’re not going to get anywhere. And converting leads into customers, let alone loyal customers, is harder than it looks. So, if you’re sick of poor conversion rates, what do you need? An SEO copywriter who can optimise your entire sales funnel.

Whether you’re after landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, ads or another kind of SEO copy, if you want copywriting that wins you more sales and helps you grow your business, you’re in the right place.

And yes, we craft emails and other non-SEO copy too!

So, I can hear you saying ‘I’ve head all the hype about content marketing — like it generates three times the leads of traditional ads for a third of the cost — so why do I even need copywriting?’. And it’s a good question because content marketing is very helpful.

But here’s the thing, you can attract as many website visitors as you want, and you can solve target market problems until the cows come home, but you’re not going to sell much if you don’t actually ask for the sale. And that’s where copywriting comes in.

Content marketing attracts prospects and gets them ready to buy. Copywriting tells them to actually hand over their hard earned cash.

And copywriting isn’t just about making sales. Copywriting is any piece of writing that is designed to elicit an action. So, if you want someone to read the next blog post in your content series, comment on a social media post, open your email newsletter, or call you for more information, you need copywriting.

Copywriting convinces people to

Outsourcing your copy to an experienced copywriter will:

  • Save you time

    So you can focus on what you do best.

  • Give you better copy

    Copywriting is part art, part science. And you could spend heaps of time and money learning about selling trigger words and optimal copy formats. But you’re a business owner, not a copywriter, and you want to be a master of your field — not a jack of all trades.

  • Help you maintain a consistent voice

    Brands that use the same voice for all their content and copy do better. They achieve better results for brand recognition, and customer engagement, and they have better conversion rates.

  • Save you money

    Because we all know you get what you pay for and you don’t want to waste money buying cheap copy only to have to pay to replace it with quality assets later on.

  • Give you better results

    When you put all of the above together, you get better results — and you want the best return on your investment don’t you?

Working with experienced marketing experts means the marketing assets you buy are created by real people (not AI robots) who know what works and what doesn’t — so you get a better return on every dollar you invest.

Kelly has over 10 years of professional writing, research, project management, teaching and business experience, which she leverages on every project she’s involved with. We also work with web developers, graphic designers and other marketing professionals that are great at what they do.

Hiring cheap marketing labour means working with people who don’t know what they’re doing or take dangerous shortcuts. Knowledgeable professionals take the time to do things properly and get good results. We know the proven tools and techniques that actually work. In our case, working with knowledgeable professionals also means you don’t have to go through the hassle and added expense of dealing with 10 different contacts in order to create effective content funnels and marketing assets that efficiently attract prospects and convert them into loyal customers — so that means less hassle and better results.

K. M. Wade specialises in creating well-researched, SEO-friendly, persuasive and engaging marketing assets plus the strategies that guide the creation of such content. Our expertise is in providing the full scope of research, strategy, planning, education, execution and promotion required for successful content marketing that truly drives sales.

But don’t just take our word for it. Kelly holds several certifications that prove her knowledge and expertise:

Certificate demonstrating that Kelly has attained the ClickMinded SEO Specialist certification

This certifies that Kelly knows how to increase traffic to any website as quickly as possible. Ask her about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SEO titles, meta descriptions, SEO slugs and URLs, and writing for humans first.

Certificate that proves Kelly has passed the HubSpot Academy Content Marketing certification

This certifies that Kelly is fully capable of and skilled in applying the full suite of content marketing methodologies. Ask her about long-term content planning, content creation, content promotion, content analysis and increasing result through growth marketing.

Certificate that proves Kelly has passed the HubSpot Academy Social Media certification

This certifies that Kelly is deemed fully capable of and skilled in applying inbound social media strategy. Ask her about social monitoring, content strategy, social engagement, social media policies and social ROI.

Certificate that proves Kelly has passed the Axelos PRINCE2 Foundation project management certification

Together, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certify that Kelly has the knowledge and skills required to effectively mange your project. Once we agree on the scope of your project, Kelly can manage it from start to finish. All you need to do is approve the content.

Certificate to prove Kelly has passed the Click Minded Conversion Funnel certification

This certifies that Kelly knows how to efficiently convert web traffic into sales. Ask her about developing robust, conversion-driven content funnels.

Certificate that proves Kelly has passed the HubSpot Academy Inbound marketing certification

This certifies that Kelly is capable of and skilled in applying the inbound methodology. Ask her about developing a flywheel business model that attracts, engages and delights prospects and customers.

Certificate that proves Kelly has passed the HubSpot Academy Email Marketing certification

This certifies that Kelly is deemed fully capable of and skilled in developing and applying robust email marketing strategies. Ask her about segmentation, what makes for a high-performing email, Email design, email deliverability, email marketing metrics, email optimisation and email marketing strategy.

Certificate that proves Kelly has passed the Axelos PRINCE2 Practitioner project management certification

Together, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certify that Kelly has the knowledge and skills required to effectively mange your project. Once we agree on the scope of your project, Kelly can manage it from start to finish. All you need to do is approve the content.

Many agencies employ smooth talking sales reps to close deals and then palm clients off to someone else once they’ve locked them into a long-term contract. Not so with K. M. Wade. With us, Kelly will be your point of contact for every part of your journey and she’ll always be friendly and helpful.

But more than that, we really want our clients to succeed. So when you work with us, we’ll give you access to our training resources so you can make the most of everything we produce for you. And we can provide you with extra training if you need more help.

New to content marketing or the broader marketing field? Never outsourced work before? No worries. Unlike other content creators, we love working with first timers and we’ll do our best to make sure you love the experience.

A lot of marketing is researching and experimenting with tried-and-true techniques to find what works best for each unique target audience. That means if you want a good return on your investment, it’s vital you work with professionals who actually help their clients get good results. Here are some examples of the results we’ve achieved for our clients:

Website traffic

Within a year, two of the blog posts we created for a client were each attracting more visitors than the business’s homepage and between them were generating 61.6% of the business’s total website traffic.

Email engagement

A recent email series we produced for a client achieved open rates of nearly 3 times the industry average, and click rates of  more than 3 times the industry average. And we achieved this with no unsubscribes.

Successful event

As a result of the social media posts and media releases we delivered for one of our clients, 1200 people attended their inaugural event — that was an attendance rate of 20% more than their target.

Publication success

An article we edited for a law client made the front cover of an industry publication.

If they’re to be successful, your marketing assets need to be crafted to meet the needs of your specific target market or markets. To make that happen, we do detailed research into your audience so we can learn what they like and what problems they need solutions to. We also study your competitors so we can get clues about what works and what doesn’t and then produce marketing assets that are better than those of your competitors and show your target market how you’re better than those competitors. Through this research, we can help you carve out a great niche for your business.

Our team has industry experience that gives us extra insight into several target markets and helps us produce truly awesome content. If we haven’t produced content for your niche before, we’ll revel in the opportunity to do the extra research needed to get to know your industry.

Our industry experience

Kelly has extensive experience in the education sector, having worked and studied at almost every level. She worked as a private academic tutor for nearly 10 years, has been a university practical laboratory demonstrator and has taught ballet and swimming to young children too. She completed TAFE- and university-level qualifications (Certificate IV in Government, Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours) and PhD (chemistry/biochemistry/biology)). We have also developed a range of marketing assets for clients in the education sector including Nenoos Sydney and Huntersjoy.

Kelly has worked with several prominent brands in the entertainment industry to develop successful marketing assets, including Lenovo and Sydney Zoo.

We’ve developed content for several businesses in the finance sector including InvoiceInterchange and DBS Bank.

Kelly knows this industry well as she’s a mum herself. K. M. Wade has also published three children’s books and created marketing assets for several businesses in these industries including Minbie.

K. M. Wade has access to substantial cybersecurity and programming expertise. We have also created marketing assets for several businesses in this sector including Chubb, Lenovo Polarys and Vata.

Kelly has extensive scientific expertise having completed a Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours) and a PhD (chemistry/biochemistry/biology). She’s also worked on the Australian government’s international science policies and in what is now called the Australian Space Agency.

Kelly is passionate about sustainable living and is a keen gardener. K. M. Wade has also produced five gardening books and developed marketing assets for several businesses in the industry including Tennessee Wholesale Nursery and Good Earth Landscaping and Maintenance.

Good health and wellbeing are crucial for us all, so we’re always excited to work with businesses in this space. We’ve got extensive contacts in this industry and we’ve created marketing assets for several businesses in the health and wellbeing industry including Yogagrin®, Huntersjoy, Smile Place Dental and MealPrep.

We’ve created marketing assets for several businesses in the creative and digital marketing services sector including In2itive, Canberra Web and Dezine by Mauro.

We’re passionate about helping businesses successfully market what they offer so they can solve the problems their clients face. We’re so good at what we do, other marketing agencies, including TANK New Media and Groupad, have asked us to produce marketing assets for them. And, of course, our own blog demonstrates the kind of services we can offer you if you’re in this industry.

We create almost every kind of copy and partner with quality service providers to develop anything we can’t produce in-house. Click on the type of copy you’re interested in to view our portfolio and prices. Or get in touch to discuss your needs.

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