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How I work

I work with businesses to produce sales and marketing content and copy

Every project is different and you are unique so the way we’ll work together will be different from the way I work with any other client. Having said that, there is a general flow to the way I work and knowing this will help you understand what to expect.

Defining the scope

To ensure we both know exactly what my work will entail, the first thing we’ll need to do is define and agree on the scope of the project. When you click on the ‘hire me now’ button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can fill out a form designed to collect the information I need to provide you with a quote. In the event that I need a little more information, I’ll get in touch.

If you have a defined goal but aren’t sure how to reach that goal, that’s ok. I can recommend packages for you to choose from.

The quote or proposal

For smaller jobs, I will provide a quote. For larger jobs, I’ll provide a full proposal. Depending on the information you provided, I may provide one quote/proposal or a number of options for you to choose from.

If my proposal isn’t within your budget, let me know and I can provide alternative packages that may better suit your resources.

If you have ongoing work, I do provide discounts for ‘bulk’ projects and retainer arrangements.

Securing your project

When you’re happy with your quote or proposal, you’ll need to pay a 50% deposit. The remaining fee will either be due as one or more milestone payments or at the completion of the project.

If the project value is less than $300, you’ll need to pay the full amount (100%) up front.

Once I receive your deposit (or full payment) your quote/proposal will become our agreement and I will get started on your project.


Our agreement will specify a rough timeline for deliverables. I will always do my best to stick to the quoted timeline but there are some things that may cause changes. For instance:

  • If your deposit is delayed, I will have to commence work later than expected.
  • If you have agreed to provide materials (such as data, research results or visuals) and these are delayed, this may push out the project timeframe. If you provide them sooner than anticipated though, I may be able to provide deliverables sooner.
  • If your project requires third-party input (e.g. a quote or an interview), the timeline for deliverables will be influenced by the response time of that third party.
  • Long projects (for instance books where the timeframe might be 6-12 months or longer) may have a more variable timeframe as its impossible to accurately determine how long the research etc. may take.

If we develop a retainer arrangement, I will provide agreed deliverables by the end of each month provided I receive everything I need from you by the beginning of the month.

I will always keep you apprised of my progress so you will never be left wondering where your project is up to.

In a former life, I regularly contributed to briefing government ministers for questions on notice which had turnarounds of mere hours. I’ve also completed many projects with 12-month or longer timeframes (my longest is four years). So, regardless of your project timeframe, I have the discipline to complete it in a timely fashion.


Some projects require additional briefing. For instance, I may need to ask you additional questions about target personas or your brand voice. Or I might need to interview you for a case study.

Submitting drafts

Every client I work with will receive at least one draft of each deliverable for their project. I generally provide drafts in one of the following formats according to your preferences:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs
  • txt file or text in an email
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Apple Keynote
  • Google Slides
  • ePub
  • inDesign (or open source equivalent)

Revisions and amendments

The price of your project will include at least one round of amendments or one revision. Larger projects tend to include up to two revisions or two rounds of amendments. Our agreement will clearly specify what you’re entitled to. If you require additional changes, I will charge you an hourly rate for the time required to complete them.

If you want to request general changes to a draft, you can do so by:

  • describing them in an email
  • using the document’s comment function

If you want to request specific changes, you can do so by:

  • using the document’s comment feature
  • making edits directly in the file with ‘track changes’ enables

Some agreements will include one or more phone or teleconference review sessions.

Face-to-face meetings

I very rarely grant face-to-face meetings and when I do, they must occur in the Canberra region (Australia). Any such meetings and their associated travel time will be charged at an hourly rate and you will be billed for any additional costs (such as parking).

The final review and final payment

Our agreement will specify how long you’ll need to allow for review of and sign off on the project deliverables (ditto any milestone deliverables if applicable). The amount of time is totally up to you (within reason).

Once you have approved the final draft (or the agreed review time has elapsed) I will issue an invoice for the final payment. Payment is generally required within 7 days but we may agree on a different timeframe if your payment processes require this.

In the event the deliverables need to be provided in a format that differs to that of the drafts (as specified in our agreement), I will issue your invoice when I provide the final deliverable in the agreed format. Here are some examples of when this typically occurs:

  • I agree to provide you with an HTML version of your blog post or email as the final deliverable (it is more practical for everyone to review and amend/revise the document in a text format, especially if you’re not overly familiar with HTML code).
  • We agree to do revisions of a ebook in a text document but the final deliverable is an ePub.


In many cases, the copyright will transfer from me to you upon final payment. Sometimes I may assign copyright of a milestone deliverable upon payment of that milestone. I will often request permission to use the content I produce in my portfolio. If you’re hiring me to ghostwrite something and you don’t want anyone to know it’s been ghostwritten, I won’t use it or refer to it by name in my portfolio. All of this will be spelled out in our agreement.


At the conclusion of your project, I may ask you what you thought of my services or for a testimonial to include on my website.

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